Now The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Has A Ridiculously Photogenic Puppy

Just in case you didn’t already want to quit your job and move to New York just to watch Zeddie Watkins Little, the ridiculously photogenic guy, run the New York Marathon this fall, let me introduce you to his ridiculously photogenic puppy.

Fine, so the puppy might not be his. It might just be a ridiculously photogenic puppy who happens to also look absolutely adorable (and sweat-free) when running and therefore ripe for his very own meme. But after seeing him this morning I couldn’t help but daydream about running into the two of them in a park.

Can you even imagine how amazing it would be to watch a ridiculously photogenic guy playing fetch with his ridiculously photogenic dog?! Even housebreaking would be hot. Maybe that’s pushing it, but this combination of all these ridiculous photogenic things made my ovaries grow to twice their size this morning.

Seriously, after watching Zeddie (or Watkins as he apparently prefers to be called) on Good Morning America yesterday I thought my life was complete.

But that was before I knew a puppy would also be involved. So kick off your Thursday with this perfect puppy. And then join me in my daydreams.

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