Video: Watch A Woman Become Drake Using Only Makeup

Promise Tamang Phan Drake makeup tutorial video

I bet that when Aubrey Graham was wheeling around Degrassi High, he never imagined that someday he’d be a rap star so famous that random women would shoot makeup tutorials to look like him! But that’s exactly what makeup artist Promise Tamang Phan did in this fascinating video where she transforms into Aubrey’s rapping alter-ego Drake with just some everyday makeup.

I can already hear you sucking your teeth and worrying that a video like this would necessitate blackface. But thankfully, Promise doesn’t go that route. It helps that she’s not white to start with, but even when she uses bronzer it’s just to contour her face and make it more slender. Along with black eyeshadow to create a sharper hairline and paint for stubble, it takes her just a few minutes to complete the look.

Although she seems very serious during the video, it’s clear from her YouTube page that she has fun with these transformations. Drake is just the latest in a series of makeup tutorials that include The Hunger GamesEffie Trinket, a Na’vi from Avatar, and Harry Potter villain Bellatrix Lestrange.

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    • Ana

      That’s incredible… and also a little creepy.

    • T.

      she’s not random. she’s very well known on YouTube.