What I Think Courtney Love Meant By ‘That Romney Rape Thing’


In my post yesterday about Courtney Love‘s insane twitter rant against Dave Grohl, I took a moment to appreciate how funny Courtney is in her own insane way, even as she’s being incredibly inappropriate. Specifically, I thought “Romney rape thing” was a hilarious descriptor, because while it was an absurd thing to say, I knew exactly what she meant by it. (I talked to a bunch of my friends, most of them women, and they did, too.)

Business site The Jane Dough, however, did not know what she meant by it and demanded that I “explain to the rest of us,” so at the risk of a.) killing a joke, and b.) doing so by explaining it to people who are probably still not going to get it regardless, I will break down the “Romney rape thing” in detail.

I don’t know about you, but I find Mitt Romney incredibly creepy. Like Michael C. Hall (who plays a serial killer on Dexter), he looks like just the sort of too perfect, all-American, 1950s guy who would turn out to have 100 bodies in his basement. His sons also have crazy eyes and all look and dress the same. I’m sorry, but they do. These qualities have often been used in pop culture to create a sense of dread. Is it okay to make fun of someone because of the way he looks? Well, yes and no. I’m not just making fun of his face, but the “wholesome,” Cold War-era, “We Like Ike” image he consciously tries to project. That ethos is threatening to creativity, individuality, and personal autonomy, and I’m genuinely unnerved by it. So I make jokes about it to cut it down to size and make it seem less scary.

Then there are the actual facts about him. It’s no secret that Mitt Romney wants to take away women’s autonomy over our own bodies. He’s been a huge part of the conservative War On Women, and he has pledged to de-fund Planned Parenthood’s efforts to give women crucial health services, because as he sees it, it’s the government’s job to punish women who have sex outside of marriage. As much waffling as he has done to try to seem moderate on the issue, the fact is that Romney is anti-choice, as well as anti-contraception, and has said as much. What this means on a practical level is that he wants to force women who do not wish to be pregnant to carry their pregnancies to term. Pregnancy and birth can be traumatic even for those who want to have children, so I don’t think it’s making too big a leap to say that forced birth is tantamount to assault. (There’s even a horror movie about it!) Via government legislation, Mitt Romney wants to control what you do with your lady-parts. If that’s not rapey, I don’t know what is. And don’t even get me started on his opinions on gay people.

I’ll admit that rape jokes are tricky. It’s not okay to make jokes at the expense of rape victims, or jokes that imply that rape is okay. But jokes at the expense of rapists, rape apologists, or people who otherwise condone the assault of women are totally okay in my book. No, Mitt Romney has not literally raped anyone. But he is plenty rapey, both in his looks and his policies, and that’s enough to make me not care when Courtney Love–an individualistic, un-apologetically sexual woman, i.e. the kind of person Romney wants to outlaw–uses a rape joke against him.

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    • A-COD

      I surfed to your article because I was curious what Courtney Love meant by Romney rape.

      I have been waiting to see Romney morph in the public’s perception from a moderate Mormon from Michigan that became the governor of Massachusetts to a Deep Southern Fried bible freak. I can see you took the bait, it’s fair, you probably are not intelligent enough to know better and you need people to talk to you at cocktail parties.

      Just out of curiosity what is worse “Clinton rape” which is actual forced sex upon a female, “Freeman Rape” inappropriate contact with a minor, or “Romney Rape”? I can guess that your tolerance of violence towards women extends as far as party affiliation.

      I’m not looking to go straw man on you, but how come when John Edwards presented as too perfect a few years back it was OK to fall in love, but now Romeny is riding a similar vibe he’s a rapist? I wish I was vapid enough to understand.

    • Nick

      This article is straight dumb!

    • Ian

      This article IS straight dumb! You’re really, really, REALLY simple minded if you think conservatives are having a war on women. Wow, you’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media. If ANYTHING conservatives care more about women than liberals. We actually look out for the rights of unborn girls unlike liberals who deny the basic scientific fact that a new, unique human being is formed at conception.

      Forced birth is tantamount to assault???? Are you that brain dead??? Hello, there’s a baby in there! You are borderline stupid as are all pro-choicers. It’s common sense, something that liberals have a hard time grasping.

      You’re unnerved by the ethos Mitt gives off? Haha, you sure pick the most pointless crap to talk about.

      By the way, I don’t even support Mitt as a candidate (what a flip flop), but I do stand for conservatism and personal responsibility (another thing liberals don’t support or understand).

    • funky69er

      Forcing women who have been raped to give birth to their unwanted rape babies IS what some conservative Rebuttlicken types want to do exactly. I got the whole silly “Romney Rape Thing” joke and Googled to see if more folks felt that was similarly hilarious too, and then found this page and saw conservative idiots commenting here who obviously didn’t get it. No surprise though. Anyhow, Romney does seem to have a Mormony (Morony) “Bob Dobbs” type of freaky white bread style to him with a stepford wife to boot! Courtney Love may seem to be a bit crazy and a bit of a foolish person these days, but that comment about the “Romney Rape Thing” was freakin’ hilarious. Get over yourselves, conservatives, most of you uptight “Christian” types don’t like Mormons anyway and think they are freaky “heretics” too for Joe Smith (their so-called “Prophet”) and their polygamist past (and, in some cases, present), and if it hadn’t been outlawed I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney otherwise would have a few extra stepford wives just like his polygamist grandfather. Religious polygamy, as practiced by Polygamist Mormon morons like Warren Steed Jeffs actually does seem a bit rapey – and maybe even more than just a bit.