HBO Knows You’re As Broke As Lena Dunham’s Characters, So They’re Letting You Watch Girls Online Free

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After you’ve graduated from college and are trying to pay your rent with your minimum-wage income, basic cable is nothing short of a luxury. I can afford it only ’cause I rationalize that it’s part of my “work budget” and I can write some of the cost off my taxes. And then on top of that, you still have to pay an extra $10 a month for all the hot pay cable shows like Game of Thrones and Weeds. Unless you’re living at home with your parents and their heavenly media center, chances are you’re hunting for shows on live-streaming sites or paying episode-by-episode on iTunes.

HBO gets this. They also get that you want so badly to see Lena Dunham‘s Girls because it encapsulates your life as a twentysomething in such uncomfortably accurate detail that you’ll need multiple viewings since you’ll be glancing away from the screen the first time around. So in a brilliant marketing move, the pay cable network is offering the Girls pilot free for a month starting this Monday.

The show premieres on Sunday, April 15, and from April 16-May 14 you’ll be able to watch it on, YouTube, DailyMotion,, and Free On Demand platforms from a variety of distributors. From the Deadline article, it sounds as if HBO is offering only the pilot and not subsequent episodes—but that’s still a big favor! Like your parents offering to pay your BlackBerry bill for just one more month, til you find a job. Yeah, just one more month.

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