Lady Gaga Comes Off Somewhat Hypocritical By Joking That #PopStarsDontEat

Yesterday, Lady Gaga bumped up against one of the biggest contradictions of her career: despite her message of empowerment and self-acceptance, she will go to extreme lengths to meet the unrealistic standards of physical appearance placed on female performers today.

Following some intense exercise and an unsatisfying meal of salad, the pint-sized pop star joked about the endeavor like this:

While Gaga was clearly joking around a bit here–#popstarsdonteat is obviously hyperbole for “pop stars don’t eat a lot, or anything with carbs”–many, including the National Eating Disorder Association, were not amused. “Huh? This is the same person who recently implored girls to stop dieting?” said the NEDA account, linking to Gaga’s tweet. Not too long ago, the singer spoke at a conference about her own struggles with bulimia as a teen, and how important it is to love yourself the way you are and stay away from forms of disordered eating.

But the sad truth is this: if Lady Gaga hadn’t dieted herself down to a size 0, she might never have gotten famous enough to deliver any kind of message in the first place. Are we supposed to pretend that the tiny, sinewy person telling us to love ourselves was “born that way,” or is it better to talk about it? Hopefully Gaga will realize she’s #madeit now, and that this statement from one of her fans holds true:

(Via MTV News)

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    • Amy

      Pretty ridiculous and annoying.

      Like when all those actresses go on about how the eat what they want and don’t shy away from cheeseburgers and ice cream… but secretly exercise for 3 hours a day. QUIT LYING TO US!

    • Kyle Rooker

      she gains 25 lbs almost a year later……. from eating at her dads italian resteraunt and starts a fucking revolution