Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 Will Help You Deal With Your Own Horrible Roommate

So here’s the deal, ladies. We all know you had some interesting experiences with your boarding school roommate, your freshman year roommate, your first roommate right out of college, or all of the above. Her friends always sat on your bed, she never washed out her cereal bowl, she blasted her TV when you tried to sleep… Hard life. But NONE of these compare to poor little June Bug’s first roommate in New York City in the new show Don’t Trust The B—- in Apt 23.

June Colburn (Dreama Walker, AKA Hazel Williams on Gossip Girl and that waitress in Sex and the City the Movie) leaves her fiancé and family in Indiana to move to New York, where she has big plans to start a new job on Wall Street. They put her up in a fancy apartment and make following her dreams seem so easy.  But little does she know her boss is embezzling money and destroying the entire company. Within the first three minutes, June loses her job, her apartment, and her dignity.

To remedy her inability to pay for a chic NYC apartment she goes looking for a roommate. After a few weirdos, she finds Chloe (Krysten Ritter), a sweet brunette whose roommate of four years just got married and moved out (liar). They sip on some pink drinks and decide to move in together. Heaven, right?

No. All hell breaks loose. Chloe is secretly a con artist (whose BFF happens to  James Van Der Beek) who takes in young, desperate girls, demand rent money upfront, and then drives them out of the apartment within days of moving in through cruel and unusual punishment. She straight up steals June’s money for an Alexander McQueen clutch, accuses her of masturbating in the tub (and tells ex-Dawson about it), sits naked on the kitchen counter, blasts music the night before June’s big interview, and the list goes on and on.

But below all that torture and psychotic behavior, Chloe has a heart. She is the best worst roommate anyone can ask for. Once she realizes that June is a good person, she stops torturing her and starts looking out for her. Chloe finds out that Peter, June’s fiancé, is cheating on her. (Read our interview with Tate Ellington, the actor who plays Peter, right here.)

So what does Chloe do? She bites the bullet and sleeps with Peter on June’s birthday cake in order to show June that her soon-to-be hubby is a big fat cheater. So she means well, she just doesn’t mean well in the right way. Deep down, Chloe is a good person. As much as she makes June want to kill herself and move out, Chloe proves herself to be a true friend.

So think back to your own horrible roommate — maybe she had a heart deep down too! June learns that instead of venting behind Chloe’s back, she needs to approach her head on, get on her good side and make her realize she’s just as crafty and sneaky as her.  By being on Chloe’s good side, June spares herself from further harassment and roommate torture.

If you could have redone it, perhaps appealing to your evil roommate’s good side (however small it may be) would have saved you from living through hell.


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