I’m Starting To Irrationally Hate Chloe Moretz And I Need To Stop

My latest celebrity-induced problem revolves around the 15-year-old actress Chloe Moretz and her growing stardom. At first her precociousness charmed me, but now i’m starting to resent her. The more interviews I see and the more magazine covers she’s on, the more I want nothing to do with her. And I don’t know why because she actually seems like an awesome girl and a talented actress.

Without consulting anyone with a Psych degree or even WebMd, I can probably narrow it down to jealously. She’s a gorgeous girl with great skin who continues to land bigger and bigger roles, as well as cameos on popular TV shows like 30 Rock. When I was her age, I was accomplishing none of those things and avoiding all photos because I just looked so horribly awkward.

While child starlets have always existed and they’ve always been more accomplished than me, her rise to fame’s hitting me pretty hard. Maybe it’s partially because she looks really intimidating in photos, maybe even downright scary.

Look at the photo in this post. Does she look like someone you want to sit next to or does she look like someone who will hack your Facebook and take down your social life, one fake status at a time?

She’s perfected the Hollywood attitude and the diva stare. That very same look will get her drinks at bars before her 21st birthday and it will get her parts in movies that actresses like Abigail Breslin can only dream of getting. How do you think she got the coveted role of Carrie? One sideways look at the casting agent and part was hers.

Then again you look at her upcoming Seventeen  cover and see nothing but a fun-loving teenager. So maybe I’m imagining this whole thing. Maybe she’s not scary, maybe she’s just successful and that’s what scares me.

Either way, I do like her and I do enjoy watching her on in the movies and TV so I need to get over this fast. There are plenty of other celebrities far more deserving of my irrational hatred.

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    • prettygirlww

      I totally get those feelings and I’ve had them too. I think that actors tend to hide who they really are in interviews and we tend not to believe them anyways because we know an interview is a PR shaping opportunity, so it’s agenda laden or self-protective in nature. Chloe seems somewhat threatening to me. Not on an intellectual level, but more on a base, emotional level. She has the ability to play laser-focused, evil, terrifying and cool in an effortless way…and oftentimes we perceive more truth from what actor’s communicate through their roles than in their interviews (we perceive Nicole Kidman as fragile and vulnerable not because of her real life as a highly successful A-list actress, but because of her roles), so your feelings may just be a natural (in the evolutionary sense), but misplaced fear of this young girl who appears could destroy you emotionally or physically should she so chose to. Which she wouldn’t because she’s 16 or whatever…and you’re the coolest. (I mean that.)

    • Cee

      I think what scares me about her and girls her age are how old they can look and dress sometimes. The young girls today look to be in their mid twenties. I just wish I could tell them to slow down.

      When I see Choe on the red carpet sometimes all I could think about is “god, I hope some old actor doesnt hit on you”

    • Don’t Go There

      I don’t know how anyone could be scared of Chloe Moretz. She’s one of the most down-to-earth, sweet kids on the planet. I’ve never heard a bad word about her. On the contrary, many of her adult peers have lauded her personality and demeanor.

      I highly recommend watching this behind-the-scenes look at her Seventeen cover shoot to get an idea of what I mean.


    • cam

      Pretty funny article. Chloe in the future will probably just be one of those actress a portion of women irrationally hate, for no good reason (although they’ll make up all sorts of frivolous rationals, like “she pouts her lips too much”) other than jealousy. But for now the main reason you shouldn’t hate her is that she’s just a kid. And you shouldn’t hate kids. (Even if you’re a kid yourself).

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    • tatortot9957

      I dont hate her its just thatshe likes justin beiber. all my friends hate justin beiber but i never knew why. well now i hate him just because chloe likes him. I know it seems irrational and a stupid reason to hate someone, but hey im a irrational, stupid person to.i also thinks she has cute eyes.

      • Amelia

        Chloë DID like Justin, before he turned into his current 20 year old douchebag. I’m pretty sure she’s not a fan anymore.

    • Butters39208

      In a more reason interview she says “Justin Bieber had his chance.” She’s hilarious. I love her. And she’s only scary ’cause she’s a really good actress. In 500 days of summer, she was not scary…at all.

    • Chloe

      I’m not going to name names but a cast member from Carrie claims that Chloe is a horrible person. A diva actually. This is from personal conversation NOT an interveiw. I’ve always felt the same way about Chloe but now I have prof she is a bad person. She is the ONLY actress I dislike… sorry Chloe Moretz lovers

      • Cam

        You are lying and defaming a kid in the process. How pathetic of you.

      • Truthe112

        This is actually true. I know from first hand experience- super diva. No one could stand her and she talked down to everyone on the crew.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/44fak0g2q.G32UKhg7hlazUZntG3TIVDbFlLpmI_nWPMtA--#8dfd2 Guest

        Uh huh. So then you’d be okay saying who you are and what capacity you were in to experience this first-hand, not to mention who the people who people were who couldn’t stand her.

      • JJ

        Plz. She’s nothing special. I used to love her but now she just annoys me.

      • Amelia

        The fact that you actually wasted your time trying to defame her says a lot about you. You’re ridiculous. Pick on someone your own size.

      • Guest

        This cracks me up. The way people get so uppity over a public persona who very likely bears no real significance in their lives is comic (and Moretz couldn’t even be considered a Hollywood staple). Yes, it’s not nice to pick on the young’uns, but in all honesty, there are many, many, MANY actors and actresses in show business who are a massive pain in the bum in reality. It’s a mark of being in such a superficial, vainglorious, and insecurity-driven field. And there are plenty of people who could presumably come across these actors and actresses and experience this firsthand, especially if you live and work in LA. The few people who’ve spoken up here might very well be telling the truth — it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Why are others so sure that this is a defamation campaign instead?

      • Amelia

        YOU crack me up. I’m sure it took a lot of thought to come up with that paragraph of yours!

      • Amelia

        “First hand experience” really cracks me up.

      • Amelia

        How long did it take you to come up with this story?

    • Jonathon Basolton

      Gorgeous girls and boys have always been applauded for their looks and will continue to be popular. It’s unfair that everyone can judge one another by their faces.
      Still, Chloe Grace Moretz is human and nice MOST OF THE TIME. Not ALL of the time. I’m sure that cast member who said Chloe was horrible just saw her in one of Chloe’s most depressing days. It can’t be easy to be an actress.

    • chloenator

      I think you are just jealous, mee too.

    • Rafaella

      Hate is a strong word, but i need to say that i dislike her as a ”star”. Her acting seems cheesy to me. Yes, she was okay in Kick-ass, but only because she was playing a well-written character, and that helps almost every actor and actress (unless the actor/actress really has no talent). The Carrie remake was bad, and wasn’t only her fault, but when i saw the prom scene where she starts killing everybody i just seriously wanted to punch the screen. What was with the ”possesed” face? And, oh god, seeing her on ”Dark Shadows” (a VERY good movie if you ask me) didn’t change my opinion about her acting. Exagerated and superficial. No emotion in her eyes, only what she thought ”feeling” the character was. As in interviews and that stuff, she was okay, a new hollywood young sweet heart who knows what to say in the right time and how to gain lovers and fans. And about her fans…oh god, they make the angry twitter beliebers look peaceful and nice.

      • Amelia

        You’re kidding me, right? Chloë’s a very talented actress. How else is she landing all these roles? And you’re joking on the Bieber part, right? Here’s the difference: Bieber’s a douche, Chloë isn’t. I really hope you’re joking on that one.

      • Amelia

        Shut up Chloe will be forgotten about in 10years

      • Amelia

        Chloë’s only starting to be remembered.

    • dvkvnfgk

      She’s such a hypocrite and she tries too hard. She dresses like she’s 26. She says “I hate teenagers, they’re scary and dumb.” Guess what bitch, you’re one.

      • Amelia

        What is wrong with you? This is probably the most biased comment I’ve ever read. She’s just a kid, for goodness sake! You’re pathetic.

      • Anna

        Your the one whose pathetic. Dumbass bitch defending this star who will be forgotten about in 5 uear

      • Amelia

        It would really help if I could actually read what you’re saying.

    • Nathan

      Chloe grace mortez is pretty and all but…idk..people didn’t like the movie Carrie to much and either said bad things about her or said that her acting wasn’t great. I think her acting was great but I don’t know y the movie Carrie didn’t really get to much of a good rating on IMDB. The only problem I have with Chloe is that she may show her self off as this like extremely actractive 26 year old which is making her overly exposed and vulnerable to people. Also her saying she says she hates teenagers..she didn’t have to say that..she could have just say she hates certain type of teenagers or something….

    • Aleksandar Milisavljevic

      Fuck Chole Mortez

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Perhaps first learn how to spell her name?