Forgotten Child Stars Team Up To Make A ‘Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron’ Video

On a scale from 1 to Satan, how horrible is Kirk Cameron? Like, really super horrible. Not only is he a total homophobe who goes on TV to spread his homophobia, but he also completely ruined any Growing Pains nostalgia I ever had. Between his ridiculous comments on how gay people are destroying civilization and Tracy Gold‘s eating disorder confessions, watching an old episode is like watching a depressing Dateline special on the horrors of child actors.

A few former child stars completely agree with me and teamed up to make this Funny or Die video called Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. While the video’s meant to be a joke, they make a few actually valid points.  Like Kirk Cameron’s wrong about everything he said and that he’s tarnishing the good name of former child celebrities everywhere with his hate-parade.

Not only will their message make you smile, but so will their faces. It’s a blast from your TGIF past and you’re going to be nodding along like, “oh that’s what you look like now!”

The video stars fan favorites like: Christine Lakin, Josie Davis, Kenn Michael and Keith Coogan. You know, the actors who weren’t ever big enough to speak during a VH1 ’90s compilation show, but big enough that you’ll recognize them. It’s almost as if IMDB is doing your celebrity stalking job for you.

So watch, enjoy and let us know what you think!

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    • Kathy

      Love it!!! Hope this goes big-time.

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    • Mindy

      This is ridiculous! So what if he is against homosexuality? It’s his opinion. Not everyone agrees with this lifestyle and there is not going to be anything or any one that is going to change these views (just like religion, etc). Just because he doesn’t believe this way of lifestyle doesn’t mean he is going to tell people how to live and he never sounded rude when stating his OPINION. What these celebrities are doing is the most dumb thing, it’s almost like they themselves are bullying. So wrong.

      • hypatiab7

        I truly doubt Cameron’s sincerity. After his acting career took a nosedive, he saw religion as the way out of his financial troubles.
        He is simply an opportunist who doesn’t care who he hurts, directly or indirectly, as long as he makes a buck.

      • Dinsdale1978

        It is a comedy bit, but I think the point is about Kirk Cameron using his “fame” to promote a religious agenda. Presenting beliefs as facts is as dangerous as relabeling your glass cleaner as a soft drink.

      • jgmitzen

        Yes, it’s his “opinion” – an ignorant, uninformed opinion that inspires and encourages discrimination, the breakup of families and abuse of all kinds. Misogyny, racism, and jihad are opinions too. People act on their beliefs. If Kirk has a right to his “opinion”, the people in this video have a right to theirs too – that Cameron is an ass.

        Homosexuality isn’t a “lifestyle” – retiring to a beach community in Florida is a “lifestyle”. Homosexuality is a basic part of one’s being. Cameron is indeed telling people how to live – that’s the whole point of his appearances on Ray Comfort’s television show and other places – to tell people how they should live, threaten their souls if they don’t, and encourage other people to make these people’s lives miserable.

        These people are not the bullies here; that’s ridiculous. It’s inspirational that these people (including some of whom to my knowledge have previously avoided any invitation to appear in public, wanting to leave their own careers behind) have stood up to homophobia. Cameron’s message is a humiliating, depressing message encouraging self-loathing and despair – a lifetime of phoniness, loneliness or an eternity of torture. These people reject that message and provide a ray of hope of acceptance and inclusion and encouragement. That’s the farthest thing from bullying. Opposing bullying is not bullying. Opposing racism is not discrimination. Preventing religious persecution is not a violation of others’ religious freedom. That sort of twisted logic simply isn’t going to fly.

    • NM

      Who are these people? HAHAHA!!

    • LaLa

      Oh heaven forbid for speaking his own opinion like the rest of these people get to do. Face it, the whole world isn’t going to kiss these people’s butts.I think Kirk was very sincere about what he said, he wasn’t being a jerk. He has a belief, let him have it!

      • Stefano

        Yeah, like racism.

      • BAM

        is that you Kirk?

    • Abby

      This is one of the stupidest videos I have ever seen. So what if he spoke his opinion. He doesn’t hate gay people, he just doesn’t agree with their lifestyle. Also, I only recognized one of these former child stars… maybe they are just jealous.

      • hypatiab7


        When religious people say that they don’t hate gays; they just hate their lifestyle, they are saying that they hate gays. If they could, they’d have them all arrested and imprisoned. Some would be more than willing to kill them. Religion and religious bigots like Kirk Cameron are and have always been a bigger danger to the world than gays could ever be.

      • Wow

        Tolerance for people who are inherently different is a very different thing from tolerance for people who treat other people badly and as less than themselves. How you treat others is more than an opinion. We should never tolerate bigotry.

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    • Kathleenicorn

      lol kirk cameron is such a douchebag

    • Harley Quinn

      This is fantastic!!!

    • straight but not narrow

      If Kirk and the like weren’t so terribly insecure about their own sexuality, they wouldn’t be so ignorant. They have to try to distance themselves from gays to assure they are not tempted to explore that part of themselves. Secure people could care less if you are gay or not and don’t go spouting off from the bible about gays going to hell. They don’t need to.

    • LonesomeDove

      Really – and to think they used to think Justine Bateman was the screwed-up one…I wonder how Kirko-jerko feels about his TV mom coming out?

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