Yes To Matt Bomer Playing Blaine’s Super Hot Brother On Glee

Finally! After a seven week hiatus, Glee is back, and with an amazing (and gorgeous) guest star: Matt Bomer.

But before I get to that, let’s do a quick episode recap. Rachel and Finn didn’t get married, and Quinn is in a wheelchair and has a good chance for full recovery (she promises to be dancing by nationals). NeNe Leakes (why?) is the new Cheerios co-coach. Puck wants Finn to move to L.A. with him to expand his pool cleaning business. Sue is having a girl, but her amnio came back with irregularities. And on senior ditch day, Quinn and Artie go to a skate park for people in wheelchairs, and everyone else goes to Six Flags (but I don’t think everyone else is a senior).

So Matt Bomer plays Blaine’s super hot brother, Cooper Anderson, who Kurt recognizes from the commercials. Sue is a HUGE fan of his work and asks him to sign her boob, and then she makes him perform in front of the glee club because he’s a real artist in Sue’s eyes. He and Blaine perform a mash-up (again, why?) of “Hungry Like The Wolf“ and “Rio“ by Duran Duran.

Bomer shows off his comedy chops when dining with Blaine at Breadsticks when he tries out new accents on the waitress and criticizes Blaine’s dance moves. When Bomer teaches Cooper Anderson’s Master Class to the Glee Club he tells them not to go to college or New York City (sorry, Rachel). He gives the club fabulous acting advice like the key to a scene is good pointing and to be a great actor, you have to completely ignore what the other actor is doing. Then he lets them do scenes from NCIS.

Plus: Here’s Cooper’s audition tape for Transformers! It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

Bomer is probably one of the best guest stars so far because not many Glee fans know him/have an idea of what he should be like on the show. He’s talented and hilarious as a “famous” guy from credit rating commercials, but there’s also some substance to his character because him and Blaine don’t have the best relationship.

Blaine sings Christina Aguilera‘s ”Fighter” to his brother because he’s sick of Cooper criticizing him and not being supportive. Sidenote: I forgot how much I love this song and Blaine singing it definitely reminds me. Also Darren Criss is half naked during the song, so bonus points.

Blaine skipped the senior skip day for brother issues, and Kurt convinces Blaine to sing out his issues with his brother. They sing an AMAZING duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” filled with scenes from their childhood. Then Cooper compliments Blaine and admits he’s been hard on Blaine because Blaine’s so talented. Awwww. Brotherly love.

I typically HATE when Glee has guest stars. It always feels forced, but Bomer was really good. I hope we see more of him because he actually adds to the show rather than distracts from it.

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    • Tanya

      I think they did a really good job with casting because they do kind of look like they could be brothers.

    • Dale Sullivan