Awesomely, There Will Be A Donald Glover Easter Egg In The Amazing Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield Donald Glover twitpic The Amazing Spider-Man Easter egg

Back when they were casting The Amazing Spider-Man, Donald Glover campaigned over Twitter to get an audition. Unfortunately it wasn’t a big surprise when the studio cast another white Peter Parker—and to be fair, judging from the trailers Andrew Garfield has hit upon the key mix of awkwardness and newfound power. But not getting bringing more diversity to Spidey was always a loss, which is being mitigated in some small form with today’s news that Donald will have a small part in the movie.

Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) let slip that he had found a way to work Donald into the movie, so MTV News caught up with the Community star to parse out some more details. Although he wasn’t allowed to say much, he did give us a better idea of what to look for:

“I was pretty aware of the Easter egg that Marc Webb put in there because he asked me—I guess when they were filming it—if it was OK to do it. I was like, ‘Sure.’ For some reason, I didn’t think they needed to ask my permission, but I guess they did. So there’s some stuff in Spider-Man’s bedroom that’s reflective of his musical or television taste.”

Outlets have figured that maybe Peter owns some 30 Rock or Community DVDs, but from the fact that he specified musical tastes, I think we could glimpse a Childish Gambino album. Especially since Donald had to sign off on it, that being his own project.

The Amazing Spider-Man comes out June 30, 2012.

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