What Did Sam Worthington Do To Incur Cosmo‘s Wrath?

Sam Worthington Cosmo "lose our number" Fun Fearless Male 2012With any entertainment-centric publication staffed by opinionated women, you can’t expect their perspectives to all match up. Hell, we at Crushable often don’t agree personally on each other’s favorite actors, singers, or TV shows. But we still know how to present a united voice on the site… something that Cosmo obviously still needs to work on.

Oh No They Didn’t noticed that a scan from the recent issue of Cosmo (supplied by fansite Zac Efron News) puts actor Sam Worthington at rock bottom of the “Guy Watch Stud Meter.” What’s more, here’s what the entry says:

You know why you’re here, Sam. Please lose our number.

Harsh! Despite the colloquial tone that a lot of magazines and especially celebrity sites have adopted over the years, that’s still a weirdly personal insult. You’d imagine that kind of barb flung at some famewhore or total failure like Kim Kardashian or Kevin Federline, not at an actor whose biggest flaw as far as we can tell was signing up for the laughably bad Clash/Wrath of the Titans movies.

So someone in the Cosmo offices is carrying a major grudge against Sam even though he seems like a perfectly pleasant, famous-but-not-conceited star. But there was obviously a miscommunication, because the magazine just appointed him their Fun Fearless Male of 2012. The writer gushes about his “kind of deep, raspy voice that hits you right in the back of the knees” and actually asks some insightful questions about him coming to fame late (he was about 30 when he was cast in Avatar), and everything appears to be hunky-dory.

Sam Worthington Cosmo Stud Meter "Please lose our number" Fun Fearless Male 2012

Obviously the Fun Fearless Male decision must have been made months ago, and in that intervening time whoever was tasked with setting up the monthly Stud Meter found some reason to hate poor Sam. But it’s also not like this guy is the second coming. In fact, Wrath of the Titans did very little to redeem the first movie, and even though he’s attached to the Avatar sequel and might reprise his role as a troubled machine in the next Terminator movie, it’s not as if those characters are particularly anticipated. EW puts it well in a profile published March 31st:

In Clash, Worthington played Perseus, the son of Zeus. To put it bluntly, he let the audience down by not delivering a character. He was a f—ing generic, bland action dude. He was like a Barbie doll. He dropped the ball. Does that sound harsh? It is. It’s also, apparently, precisely how Sam Worthington described his own role.

…In that sense, it’s beginning to feel like Worthington is becoming one of many Hollywood Ken Dolls — a slightly sad-looking blank, a hero-shaped blob that could have feasibly been poured into TRON: Legacy or John Carter or Transformers or X-Men: First Class or Cowboys & Aliens.

…I don’t get the sense that Sam Worthington is particularly worried about that. Being a sad-looking greenscreen man-bot pays well in Hollywood. Worthington currently has his name on two franchises.

It’s not the most flattering portrait, but at least it shows continuity and a recognition of how Sam could turn his career around.

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    • Sakina Crocker

      I’d really like to know why they said that too. I looked everywhere online but couldn’t figure it out. I’m sure they have a better reason than the movie… I wish they’d explain themselves more and not leave their readers wondering!

    • Sonsy

      I’m more concerned about Daniel Radcliffe being “gross” for liking “hair down there.”

      • Jo

        I think the gross refers to Harry Potter talking about sex, not him being gross for liking pubic hair. Although we all logically know he’s a grown man who is probably having (loads of hot groupie) sex, it’s still weird to hear him talk about it when we first met him as an adorable 11 year old.

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    • sydney

      I dont understand why they would say that about sam, and i dont understand why crushable would make such a big deal and try and bash cosmo.

    • tjango

      Cosmo is being i-ron-i-cle. They are saying he is so nice, he needs some type of bad-boy-redeeming quality. (This comment is being made for all the slow people people reading the article and not “getting it”. So know who you are!)

    • Merja

      Sam is the only MAN on the list!