Make It Or Break It: Work On Those Trust Falls, Ladies

In episode three of Make It Or Break It, drama is at an all time high with only six weeks left until the Olympic trials! Looks like the girls need to practice their trust falls because the Rock girls’ friendships are getting well, rocky. During an interview, a reporter asks Payson about the kissing scandal with Sasha from last season. Even though he reports that the video was doctored and someone sent it into the NGO, Payson is really upset and of course goes to Kaylie and Lauren for advice.

Well, SPOILER ALERT: if you watched last season you know that Lauren sent the tape to the NGO to get Sasha fired because she was crazy and wanted Summer to marry her dad instead of dating Sasha. KP convinces Kaylie that they should find out who sent the tape to ease everyone’s minds about the scandal. Lauren starts to take Kaylie and KP’s new friendship personally, and the old crazy Lauren would probably do something to mess things up. Instead, she works on her bond with Payson and gives her some relationship advice on Rigo. Is Lauren really changing her ways after all this time?

The girls aren’t just having a hard time trusting each other. Coach McIntire is being reviewed by NGO representative, Marcus, since he’s never coached girls before, and he seriously needs a lesson in female studies. Payson tells Marcus that Coach Mac is a bully and all he does is yell at them and they’re not feeling inspired. Remember those dizzy spells Lauren kept having? Well, she has one on the beam in practice and passes out in front of Payson. Lauren plays it off but with their newfound friendship, Payson expresses her concern, which makes Lauren feel like she really as a friend. Coach Mac brings the girls to his house for a bonding sesh where things get real.

News comes out that *gasp* Lauren sent the video of Payson kissing Sasha to the NGO! But Payson pretends like she already knew to save herself from even more embarrassment. In an effort to fix things, Lauren takes the blame for going behind Coach Mac’s back to the NGO. Coach Mac reveals that he paired the girls up based on who could give the other something they were lacking. Lauren and Payson were paired together because they didn’t trust each other at the Rock. Before going to bed, Lauren and Payson kind of have a heart to heart. Payson promises to go with Lauren to see a doctor about her dizzy spells with a very touching, “You fall, I fall.” They’re not okay yet, but they will be.

Or will they? While everyone was all smiles at the end of the episode, we know that can’t last for long. Someone has to break a bone or worse! I bet Lauren has a karma-induced tumor.

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