The Daily WTF: Las Vegas’ Hangover Heaven Truck Will Keep You Partying, If You’re Willing To Take Your Cure In IV Form

Hangover Heaven truck Las Vegas IV treatment

So you’ve just come off an incredible night in Las Vegas, and you can’t be bothered to sleep off your hangover like a normal person. Maybe you have a fast-paced day of taking in the shows planned, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with the raging headache. Regardless, you can seek out the Hangover Heaven truck or even call them to your hotel room for a seemingly magical treatment that will get you back up on your feet.

But there’s a price. There always is. I’m not talking just about the $150 price tag, but also the process itself. It’s nothing too out-there, but it does involve an intravenous treatment of water and vitamins. Somehow, putting an IV needle in your body seems like a counterintuitive way to combat the effects of alcohol. But it depends how badly you need your hangover to disappear in 45 minutes (although the official website purports that many patients feel better after only 20 minutes).

It’s all the brainchild of Dr. Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist who is the first physician to become a Hangover Specialist. The reasoning is sound, the treatment is apparently FDA approved, and really the only reason it would make people squeamish would be if you have a problem with needles. Although the website makes a point of mentioning the team’s versatility: While we specialize in treating alcohol induced hangovers, we have a number of different solutions for just about anything you were using last night. So it could be that the people they’re picking up are all too familiar with needles. Plus, the amenities are pretty nice.

But just consider: If such a thing like this had existed in 2009, we wouldn’t have had the raucous fun that was The Hangover. Life is a series of trade-offs.


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