One Million PR People Could Not Have Created Better Viral Promo For Orange Juice Than These Shirtless Zac Efron Photos (NSFW)

Update: Zac Efron blocks off his balcony so you can’t see any more butt photos. UGH.

After looking at these incredibly voyeuristic photos of Zac Efron hanging out shirtless on a balcony touching his own junk, I’m not sure if I want to drink that glass of orange juice or be it. Logic tells me the second option is unrealistic, so I’ll probably be running to the bodega to buy some juice soon. Nice work, paparazzi! You’ve just provided a dillion dollars’ worth of free viral marketing to the orange juice sellers of America–nay, the world. This post is NSFW for the probably fake (but possibly real!) butt shot at the end.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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