Spoilerific Glee Extra Nicole Crowther Using Season 3 Prom Episode To Stay Relevant

Nicole Crowther is back Glee extra tweet spoilers prom Dianna AgronLast week, Lea Michele tweeted about the upcoming Glee prom episode, Back at work now for our last day of the PROM.. Who do you think will win PROM king and queen this year…??? It’s surprising that she would even risk including the P-word on Twitter, after the debacle last  year when extra Nicole Crowther spoiled Glee fans by revealing that Kurt would win Prom Queen and Karofsky would be King. Fox and producer Brad Falchuk buckled down on her transgression, she gave a disingenuously contrite interview, and we figured that she got shown the door and given the classic Hollywood line “You’ll never work in this town again!”

But a quick search through Glee fandoms on Twitter and Tumblr reveals that all Nicole did was change her Twitter account, and she’s been laying quietly in wait for the past year. And now that the cast is shooting season 3′s prom episode, Nicole is tweeting to get in the news. (And yes, I’m aware that by writing about it I’ve played into her plan.) Even though she’s in a diminished position from last year and doesn’t have any real spoilers, she couldn’t resist writing about the scenes she saw shot in LA last week:

Nicole Crowther is back Glee extra tweet spoilers prom @NicoleMCrowther

Dear Nicole: We’re gonna guess that Lea, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Dianna Agron were wearing giant black parkas to keep their prom dresses under wraps. You know, to protect against nosy bystanders like you.

I’m not naive; I know that in this age of watching TV online or months after its air date, fans want the immediacy of knowing spoilers ahead of time. Critics like Michael Ausiello and Kristin dos Santos have parlayed that need into successful entertainment careers. But they always put their posts behind spoiler tags, whereas you have someone like Nicole who just blasts it out hoping someone picks it up.

Furthermore, she’s now trying to squeeze more fame out of what was an extremely unprofessional act. She claims to have been cast in the thriller Spin 2: Revenge and a film called AWOL; she even tried to drum up more followers by promising to reveal which Glee guy was being considered as her co-star in an upcoming project.

Can’t this girl just give it a break? There is nothing genuine in her actions; everything is calculated. She deserved to basically get blacklisted by Falchuk; at the very least, she should have enough common sense to stay away from anything related to Glee. This just makes her look like a petty kid instead of a struggling professional.

So far there’s been no reaction from Falchuk. Fans are divided: Some sneer at Nicole’s attempts at fame, while others scold their peers for still holding a grudge a year later. If that’s not enough, Nicole is also asking her followers to “like” her official Facebook fan page. Seriously? Only in today’s Hollywood can you become a star from screwing over the show that first gave you a job.

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