Please Don’t Buy Snooki’s Slippers For Your Children

Today in incredibly random celebrity-branded products, Snooki is rolling out a line of children’s slippers. It’s kind of like the mother-to-be is knitting baby booties, without all the pesky knitting.

If you’ve been waiting for the day you could outfit your little niece’s feet in slippers endorsed by a real cast member from Jersey Shore, just bookmark where the footwear will sell for $15. But I suggest skipping Snooki’s slippers and opting for feet-warmers whose designer has less of a sketchy past.

It’s possible Snooki will be a fantastic, responsible mom, not even thinking about parties as she reads nursery rhymes and plays Baby Mozart for her child, appearing on the Today Show to talk about the program she’s founding so her child and the children of others learn about the dangers of binge drinking and how to find empowerment through volunteer work and education. But right now, Snooki is still famous for getting drunk and her subsequent drunken actions, a kind of fame that doesn’t lend itself children’s products.

Even the owner of Happy Feet, the company Snooki’s working with to produce the shoes has doubts about whether moms will line up to get their hands on accessories for their kids created by Snooki saying, “We’re trying to expand our overall retail footing but her name hasn’t [gained] retail traction yet. [Stores] don’t believe it can appeal to the masses.”

Snooki has become a household name, but households with babies might never want to embrace a connection between their kids and this guidette.

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    • Guest

      Gosh! Focus and on your own kids and let Snookie enjoy her 15 minutes. Your opinion is completely judgmental and based upon a stereotype that MTV portrayed her as. Get over yourself.

    • Stella Jester

      Oh damn just shut the fuck up. Who cares about her past if she makes some awesome stuff. dumb bitch…