Courtney Stodden Probably Won’t Be Invited To The Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

First Christmas and now Easter: no holiday is safe from Courtney Stodden and her unique interpretation of the celebration. To celebrate Easter via a bunny-themed photo shoot all Courtney needed was the traditional tail, ears (and of course, white bikini). To make sure everyone realizes her fluffy tail and ears are an homage to the Easter bunny and not your everyday playboy bunny she even got Easter baskets and eggs involved.

You can check out the full thirty photo collection here, but they’re all just variations on Courtney bending, stretching, smirking, bouncing and oddly, doing some light car maintenance. It also looks like she’s wearing the same clear platform shoes she was spotted jogging in this January, so maybe they’re more comfortable than they look?

The big question now is what holiday will get the Courtney Stodden treatment next? Will she wait to break out something patriotic for Memorial Day, or get back into nature for Earth Day? Whatever holiday she chooses, you can be sure a swimsuit and a pout will be involved.

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