Crushable Fans Share Their Favorite Concert Photos

There’s nothing more fun than dancing the night away at an awesome concert. The only thing that even comes close is muploading a photo to your Facebook so you can show all your friends where you are. That’s why we asked our wonderful Twitter followers to submit their favorite concert photos for a chance to be featured on the Crushable homepage. We wanted to see all your awesome photos!

While we LOVED all the submissions, here are our three faves:

Which one do you like best? Tell us in the comments and then follow us @CrushableDotCom to stay in the loop and find out how YOU can get featured on our homepage.

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    • Katie

      Definitely Justin Timberlake. Amazing show!

      • Erica P.

        Thanks! I was the person who took the Justin Timberlake photo! I love love love that show! It was an amazing experience.

      • Jenni Maier

        Erica – looks like you had amazing seats! How close were you to JT?

    • Sarah Jones

      My vote is for Coldplay. Love them!