Celebrity Subway Photos Prove American Fans Are Much More Civilized Than British Fans

Oh, how the tables have turned when it comes to American and British stereotypes. Everyone assumes Americans are crass, loud animals who alternate between releasing sex tapes and snorting sandwiches made of fried children while the British are proper, refined gentlepeople who spend their afternoons sipping tea and discussing croquet tournaments.

Get ready to have your mind blown because the super awesome tumblr Celebrities On The Subway proves that everything we thought about the people on the other side of the pond is wrong. Everything. Seriously, I don’t even know who won the Revolutionary War anymore everything is so topsy-turvy right now.

Celebrities on the Subway collects photos of celebrities on the subway. Pretty simple and straight forward, right? Almost all of the photos are from the NYC subway and it’s absolutely amazing how refined everyone behaves in the photos. No one gawks at the celebrity and no one talks to the celebrity. Everyone just treats them like just another subway rider. One who happens to make 10 time their salary and could buy the entire subway line if he/she desired.

Want to see just how nonchalent New York subway riders are? Just look at this classic photo of someone sleeping while Jake Gyllenhaal stands next to him.

Now you want to see how British subway riders react to a celebrity in their midst. Just look at these people FREAKING OUT over seeing Rihanna. No tact, no tact at all. This is exactly why the pilgrims left the country. This uncivilized attitude that’s clearly displayed in this photo.

I am horrified and embarassed for the entire country. Seriously, don’t the British know that the only thing better than seeing a celebrity is acting like you don’t care you saw a celebrity.

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