Here’s Your Chance To See The Hunger Games Tributes’ Parade Costumes

The Hunger Games tributes parade costumes gallery

One of my beefs with The Hunger Games movie was that despite it moving from first-person to third-person POV, we still didn’t see a ton of the other tributes in the pre-Games portion of the film. We caught glimpses of their interviews and training, sure, but the focus was on Katniss and Peeta as the underdogs from District 12.

One particular sequence I would have liked to spend twice as much time on was the tributes parade after they’ve all traveled to the Capitol. This we see mostly from Katniss’ perspective, as Cinna lights their costumes on fire and they blaze into the hall in a flaming chariot. It’s a breathtaking sequence, but that means we only skim over the other twenty-two tributes’ costumes. Seeing as Cinna makes such a point of emphasizing that each district’s costumes match their livelihoods, it’s an unfortunate omission.

But thanks to some enterprising Hunger Games fans, we finally get a closer look at the costumes! As far as I can trace it back, Tumblr They’re Not Gonna Pick You put the photos online first; perhaps they came from one of the movie companion books? Check them out in the gallery below; sorry for the size, but I couldn’t find any larger versions.

District descriptions from the Hunger Games fan wiki. Thanks to Down With the Capitol for the tip!

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    • Nancy

      The only black people are both in the cotton district. That’s weird.. Was it like that in the book?

      • Lindsey

        Rue and Thresh were the only ones specifically said to be black. And it was an agriculture district, Rue knew how to climb so well because she was a fruit picker. And I think Katniss was supposed to be mixed race slash race wasn’t a big deal in the book because it was hundreds of years in the future and people would likely be a lot more blended than today. HOWEVER, a lot of people will see a character with no racial description and think default white… which seems to have happened with most of the tributes.