Have You Met The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy? He’s Only The Hottest New Meme!

Update: See an actual interview with Zeddie Little right here! And then see his ridiculously photogenic puppy. Yes it’s as cute as it sounds! Plus, his AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread on Reddit with just the sweetest answers!

Remember that time you ran a race and looked so good that the internet (aka Reddit) turned your face into the most popular meme on the web? Runner Zeddie Little can confidentially answer yes, because that’s what happened to him this week when a photographer took an amazing photo of him as he ran the Cooper River Bridge Run this past weekend.

While everyone else in the race looked like they were running a race, Zeddie Little looked like he just walked off a photo shoot. The photographer’s friend Jessica Crouch dubbed him Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic after seeing the photo. She told the Post and Courier:

“Everybody was running and he was just smiling at the camera. He wasn’t struggling or anything. It’s unusual. His hair was perfect and he had the perfect smile. It just struck me as being really out of place.”

Out of place in the race, but right in the perfect place to become an instant internet meme. Check out our favorites right here.

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