John Stamos Says Full House Is Much Easier To Understand When You’re High

I think I was in second grade when I realized that Full House made no sense. Don’t get me wrong, I watched reruns religiously for close to 12 years, but I knew early on that something was off.

I somewhat understood Uncle Jessie moving in to help take care of his motherless nieces and I completely understood DJ hating Stephanie because with the exception of Ruthie Camden, she was the most annoying little sister to ever be written into a TV show.

But I didn’t understand anything else. Mostly why anyone thought Joey Gladstone was funny. There’s never been a more unfunny man on television. Especially one who was supposed to be a professional stand-up comedian. Every time he did his infamous cut it out line, I wanted to scream back at the TV, “no you cut it out. And move out of the Tanner’s basement. And throw away the puppet doll. It’s weird and it makes me uncomfortable.”

Just watch this round-up of Joey’s funniest jokes:

And then look at the related videos that come up for that video. This is how people think of Joey Gladstone. Why everyone saw it except for Danny Tanner, I don’t know.

Getting back on topic and away from To Catch a PredatorJohn Stamos, who played Uncle Jessie on the show, completely agrees that Joey’s not funny. He tweeted this out today when someone tweeted to him about getting high and watching Full House. 

So he doesn’t recommend getting high, but definitely admits the jokes make a lot more sense when you’re stoned. Probably in the same way that “Forever” sounds a lot more beautiful when you’re on drugs.

If only my parents would have bought me weed in elementary school, I could have enjoyed the show so much more. Then again, maybe it’s better I watched them drug-free. the episodes where both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were on would have blown my mind.

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    • Kim

      I love John Stamos because he says stuff like that. He doesn’t try to defend the show, it’s great.

    • Lauren

      So u put the show down but yet you have watched this show straight for years??! This was the best family show EVER!!!!!! They can never make shows like this anymore. Heck they have tried. But none have gotten 23.5 million viewers on certain episodes including the finally!

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