I Hope Rose Is Less Selfish In Titanic 3D

Once she has Jack back in her death grip, she moves quickly. It’s not enough just to have him now, she wants all of him. Especially the part of him that drew all those naked French girls.  She can’t bear the thought of him having those other naked girls’ images in his head when he’s looking at her, so naturally she makes him draw her naked, in her suite. Because a poor person drawing her naked isn’t enough of a thrill for Rose, no she needs the adrenaline that comes from knowing Cal will murder Jack in front of her eyes if he walks in on this little art lesson.

Simple Jack sadly thinks Rose actually believes he’s a good artist,  so he agrees to draw her. Rose’s thank you gift? Putting the drawing in Cal’s safe, so he’s sure to see it. Because Rose knows that will enrage Cal to the point that he will murder Jack before they reach US soil. And you know Rose, she loves being in the middle of drama. She’s the only woman in cinematic history who builds a murderous love triangle around herself. God forbid she wait to tell Cal when Jack’s safely on land and out of harm’s way.

After Rose plants the seeds for a manly fist fight, she sexes Jack up in someone else’s car. No care or concern for this stranger’s fine car upholostery —  just a naive hope that those stains all wash out. Classy Rose.

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    • Jessie

      I also always wonder about the poor shlub she married and had babies with. Did he know he was second fiddle? Is HE waiting for her in his own heaven somewhere, jilted in the afterlife? It’s like an episode of The Bachelorette: Sudden Death at Sea.

      • Lily

        Exactly! I can’t believe she NEVER told her family this INSANE story.

    • Eileen

      Oh, and I’m sure the average seventeen-year-old girl would have been SOOOOO much more mature. She acted like a spoiled teenaged girl because that’s what she was. (And dinner with her family wasn’t her idea, anyway; it was Cal’s. Who, it’s implied, is violent with her and has coerced her into sex. They never said she was emotionally stable.)

    • Geraldine

      Haha! This is hilarious! “Rose of course gets to safety, because she’s the kind of selfish bitch who always has things work out for her in the end.” So true, Rose was very very annoying. Especially when showing off her pointe skills.

    • Finley

      So at the start i was laughing, then was angry, thinking…serious, love its a movie, its not just going to be “poor little rich girl. Oh no and ice berg, gosh its cold out.” Y CALIFORNIAN NO COME TO RESCUE? :(

      Its got to have some drama..
      ALSO, im pretty sure the seats in the lovely 1912s car were leather, seemed that to me… or some kind of suede, either way, the car will be a bit wet like 20 mins later anyway, total rite off!! if i were the owner, i’d be wanting my like $30 back for the car, no one wants a wanter logged car!!

      and then i was crying just thinking about the bit where jack dies :( soo sad!
      last thing, if rose had of moved over, she door/wall finishing, would not have been able to stay afloat with the both of them on it, well it MAY have but with great difficulty getting onto it, with impared mobility skills it would be like trying to climb a slide with rollerblades on.

      But either way, was a good post indeed :)

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    • LOP

      what??? you miss the whole point! Rose is like that because of her education and in those times it was incredible difficult and brave to act as she did, being a women

    • liz

      This post gave me a good laugh. Have been watching Titanic lately and realizing some rather unflattering things about Rose’s personality. I was about Rose’s age when the movie first came out and like most everyone else thought it was ‘Romeo & Juliet’ meets ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ :) I admired Rose’s courage to change her life and thought she and Jack’s love something of beauty.
      15 years later and I’m looking at their little teen romance through adult eyes and weighing the likelihood of their love affair having actually lasted had they both survived the disaster.
      Rose does come across as quite selfish and Jack is at best a Marty Stu character.
      I found this witty and fun. I hope, like myself, that seeing Rose in a new light hasn’t ruined your ability to enjoy ‘Titanic’. I know I still think it’s a good movie even though I no longer think of it as the love story of the century. Then again, neither is ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Theirs is the tale of two teenagers who managed to get several people killed in less than a week :)

      • Jenni

        Oh I still watch it every time it’s on TV, I just don’t cheer for Rose.

    • Lexi B.

      What about the fact that she risked her life when the ship was sinking so she could un-cuff jack so he wouldn’t drown? Also, when she says she will ‘never let go’, shes referring to the promise Jack asked her not to let go of! The one where she would grow up, die an old lady, have children, etc. She was suffocating in a life she didn’t want to live. She wasnt allowed to make her own decisions, imagine being engaged to an abusive man you dont love, with no way out! Jack showed her the life she could lead, and the life she could have with a man she truly loved!

    • Amy

      I don’t know why I just wasted my time reading this thread. It actually made me laugh at how idiotic it is. You literally have no idea what the movie is actually about. True Rose is having some rich girl life crisis but other than that you couldn’t be more wrong. She never invited Jack to dinner to laugh at him. She never went down the 3rd class party to rub in their face how rich she is, since she hates it herself. Also she’s clearly drunk at the party so I’m gonna go ahead and say she was having fun and not trying to be snooty or whatever it is you think she was being. I don’t know where you got the whole Rose being jealous over other french girls idea but that’s not what happened at all. It’s a moment her and Jack share that intimate. And you’ve got to be kidding me about the sex scene. IT’S A ROMANTIC MOVIE WHY WOULD THEY CARE ABOUT THE UPHOLSTERY. IT’S NOT REAL LIFE. The door that was keeping her afloat was to light to keep them both up as you can see when both of them try to climb on. Clearly Jack rather save his loved one than himself. The final thing you’re wrong about which is the biggest one is the promise Rose made to Jack. She wasn’t promising to never let go of his hand. Jack made Rose promise to never give up and survive. That’s when he said “Never let go.” Think about it, does it make sense that Jack wants Rose to never let go of his hand when he’s telling her to survive. I just don’t understand how a person who has never seen the movie in order or the actual DVD instead of on TV can rant about a movie.

    • Stephanie

      While I loved Titanic and thought James Cameron was brilliant in creating it, I can totally see where you’re coming from. I laughed out loud while reading your piece!