6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching The Real Housewives of Orange County

3. Does Vicki have daddy issues?

On her dinner date with new beau, Brooks, Vicki mentions that she needs to be reassured as a woman all the time with compliments and love because she used to get that from her father all the time. With her soon to be ex-husband Don, she never got any of those feelings of reassurance. She misses her dad. This part actually made me really sad. I don’t think Vicki has daddy issues, I just think she misses her father that passed away. Brooks then says some weird stuff about being there for her and how she’s not alone anymore. He might as well said, “I’ll be your new daddy!” I’m sorry, but Brooks rubs me the wrong way. He needs to win me over. If Heather can do it, anyone can!

4. How full of shit is Slade?

After the Mud Run, Slade starts going on and on about how awesome he is as a cyclist. I have seen Slade ride around on his bike in tight spandex since season one (Is Slade the second longest running housewife besides Vicki? Wow.) and he seems to like to bike, which is cool. The thing that I have an issue with is that he goes on and on at the post-Mud Run dinner about how he trained with the Olympic cycling team and all this super cool stuff that he thinks is impressing people but in actuality, making everyone around them (especially Tamra) want to gag. So yeah, Slade might be telling the truth and not be completely full of shit, but he doesn’t need to be an annoying braggart.

5. Is Gretchen too good for Slade?

I go back and forth with this. Sometimes I think that she is because she seems to have some sort of soul and is not completely about the money like Slade. Also the other housewives seem to like her a bit more than Slade so maybe Gretchen would be better off with someone who didn’t treat her like a product to sell out to people for the cash. Slade grosses me out.

6. How boring was this episode?

I am kind of disappointed with my ladies from the OC this week. There were some gems in this installment that I gather. I chuckled when Tamra called Alexis an idiot while chatting wither Heather. Tamra has no filter, and I love that. But besides one little quip, I was a little sad that the drama Bravo promises was not abundant! No cat fights? No yelling? No throwing drinks? C’mon people! Here’s hoping to next week!

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