Meet The Cutest Nicki Minaj Fans Ever

The only thing that can melt my heart faster than a candid photo of Jennifer Lawrence finding out she just got nominated for an Oscar is this photo of the most precious Nicki Minaj fans ever. The preschoolers showed up at her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘ CD signing in New York City yesterday and clearly won the prize for best-dressed.

Considering that I was still blasting Raffi at that age and dressing in Baby Gap, I’m impressed with their music taste and their style. I can only imagine how cool their closets and their Spotify playlists must be.  I would ask them to get drinks, but I’m scared their Juicy Juice would be spiked with something and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with their Capri Sun shots.

So for now I’ll just envy them from afar and write fan fiction about them meeting up with Sophia Grace and Rosie and starting a girl band.

(Photo: MTV)

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