One Time Emily Blunt’s Boyfriend Told Her She Needed To Shave Down There

Pubic Hair’s PR team must be working overtime because they’re having a great 2012. Celebrities just can’t stop talking about it in interviews. Pubic hair this, pubic hair that. We’re one pubic hair mention away from Lady Gaga wearing a pubic hair dress on the red carpet.

In a candid interview with Elle, British actress Emily Blunt reveals that her pubic hair preferences were used against her when she was filming the movie Your Sister’s Sister. 

“I remember one scene when the director Lynn Shelton came up to [Emily’s co-star] Rosemarie DeWitt and whispered in her ear, ‘Say something that would really embarrass Emily’. So Rose told this story that involves my nether regions… Basically, her friend was going out with this boy and he’d said to her, ‘I think you need to shave your pubic hair because it’s really pouffey in your underwear,’ and so we’re doing this scene and Rosemarie just goes [adopts American accent], ‘Do you remember when Chris told you to shave your bush?’ I went completely crimson, I was so mortified. For the first time ever on film, I cried with laughter and they caught it, they captured that golden moment when it was completely genuine.”

Wow Chris. Way to be blunt with Blunt. Thank you for standing up for all the men who are sick of seeing pubic hair all pouffey in underwear. It takes a real gentleman to say, “you need to shave your pubic hair.” You must be so proud to see your name in a print magazine talking about pouffey pubic hair.

Chivalrous Chris is right up there with celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe, the boy wizard turned Broadway star turned Brooklyn poet, who also made a very strong pubic hair statement recently. However his statement seems to imply he wants more pouf. He told Heat Magazine this year that he thinks it’s fucking creepy when a woman has nothing down there. Which means he should probably go back in time and date Emily Blunt back in her pouffey days.

Because now  it’s too late for Hairy Potter. Emily Blunt‘s married to John Krasinski and so far he’s been silent about what he prefers. Hopefully the same thing that Emily prefers. The last thing she needs in her life is another Chris making demands.


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    • stevesharkman

      if anyone thinks a grown woman need to shave down to look like a little girl is a sick pedophile at heart.
      ladies, stay away from a man who wants you to shave down…
      it’s sick.