5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant Star Briana Dejesus

Last night’s episode of 16 and Pregnant introduced us to Briana Dejesus, the most controversial pregnant teen we’ve met so far this season. Briana’s from Brooklyn, New York but grew up in Orlando, Florida with her single mom and her sister Brittany. Although Briana’s father was out of the picture, the three women formed a close relationship and it’s clear throughout the episode that they care for each other a lot.

However caring for each other, doesn’t mean letting each other off the hook. Briana’s mom makes it clear during the episode that Briana’s going to have to be responsible for htis baby as well as her college education, their house will not be a hotel for Briana’s ex-boyfriend Devoin to come and go when he decides he wants to take care of the baby.

But it turns out that Devoin won’t be a problem because he shows that he’s not interested in dating Briana or being a father to their baby — even though he convinced Briana to keep the baby by glamourizng the pregnancy and their potential life as a family together. At the end of the episode Briana warns viewers not to make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings. While for most teens this probably means not getting a tattoo of your high school boyfriend’s name across your back, for her it meant keeping the baby and giving up her teenage years.

We were s0 interested with Briana’s story that we dug up 5 more facts about the teen mom.

1. Briana really enjoyed sharing her story on 16 and Pregnant. She wrote the following on her Facebook wall.

Had an amazing experience working with MTV (16&p) this year! Nobody understands how therapeutic it was.. I don’t regret it not one bit!

2. She applied to be on 16 and Pregnant as a joke. She tweeted this out to someone who asked her how she got on the show.
3. This episode was controversial not just because it brought up the abortion option, but because it discussed it in depth. Briana’s sister Brittany actually got pregnant around the same time as Briana but decided to have an abortion instead of giving birth. Throughout the episode, there’s lot of tension about which sister made the right choice — with even their mom chiming in that she wanted Briana to have an abortion.

4. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel last week, Briana admits that being a teen mother is really hard and although she loves her daughter, she wishes she could go back and just not have sex.

During “16 and Pregnant,” Briana says that Brittany made the right decision to have an abortion. In an interview, Briana said she feels “a little jealous” when she looks at her sister.

“I could have been in college, I would have been working,” Briana said. “Nova slows me down. Sometimes I do wish I would have had an abortion, but I love Nova, I do not regret her. It’s just hard sometimes.”

If she could have a do-over on being sexually active, Briana said she knows what she would do.

“I would get on birth control. I would use protection,” she said. “I would not have sex at all. Sex complicates things.”

5. Despite her regrets about not using birth control while being sexually active, she loves her daughter Nova Star Dejesus very much. The baby, born on September 9, 2011, was named Nova because it means the birth of a star. And even though taking care of Nova is a 24/7 job, she’s still going to be attending Valencia College in the fall.
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    • Julie

      I actually watched this last night and loved the fact that they actually talked openly about abortion. So nice to see someone honestly discussing the pros and cons.

    • ArthasDK

      It was refreshing to see an episode where abortion was open discussed as an option. Interesting that both sisters were faced with the same decision and chose different paths. I think this really added value to the episode and hope it opens intelligent conversation about the different options. From what I gather, Brittany was able to forsee a life as a single parent with a deadbeat dad and decided to skip that path. Good for her for making that choice and sharing it with the world. It shows that it is not an easy decision, but still one that is valid.

      It’s sad that Briana couldn’t see that she was facing the same future with a deadbeat dad and I wish she’s stand up to the loser more – if he doesn’t want to be part of your child’s life, then so be it! Cut him out. Don’t even waste your energy on him. He’s obviously a loser and he is too immature to deal with the baby.

      It was really great to see a family unit support each other the way that these 3 ladies did. Contrast that with the way the loser baby Daddy, acted (he couldn’t even verbalize his thoughts) and it’s easy to see who is truly there for you.

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    • Keymarie

      Aright first of all congrats on giving birth to a beautiful babuy girl n I also wanted to reach out to the sis of Briana cuz I kno tht its hard for her to watch tht I got an abortion too n it wus the worst thing I feel I had ever done in thus world n its hard to watch ur sis give birth. It wus a great episode im glad I watch it I wus a lil nervous I will admit cuz I wus goin thru a situation like tht.

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    • OldAndFat

      I’m sorry but I don’t see how you can love your child and say you wish you had an abortion. That just disgusts me.

      • MiMi

        Agreed. I’m sure Nova would love to find out this was said about her.

    • WTF is going on

      I’m so sad that adoption was not brought up. I feel like adoption is such a beautiful option that is never talked about. You don’t have to raise a baby that you don’t want but you also don’t have the right to murder that baby either