War Of The Reality TV Moms: Toddlers & Tiaras Vs. Dance Moms

Every week,  T&T features different children attending beauty pageants. Sounds innocent right? Yes, until you realize these pageants turn toddlers into sexualized mini-women who prepare for the pageant by getting spray tans, fake teeth, full make-up, and hair extensions. Not to mention the amount of “practice” they’re subjected to before the pageant where someone, either their mother or a professional pageant coach, instructs them on how to strut across the stage while still maintaining flirtatious eye contact with the adult male judges.

Remember, this is the show that  introduced us to a child who calls herself Honey Boo Boo Child as well as a toddler who dressed up as Julia Robert’s iconic hooker character from Pretty Woman.  Not your typical preschoolers.

Hold up, you’re thinking. Stop right there. What could be worse than that?

Well, let me get to the Dance Moms. They’re a group of mothers who assist their children in reaching their professional dancing dreams by devoting their lives and their daugthers’ lives to the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company. This would almost be sweet if it didn’t involve their daughters being yelled at by Abby Lee Miller on a daily basis, being forced to wear scandalous outfits on stage and being pressured into winning every single week at the risk of being moved to the bottom of the ranking pyramid if they don’t.

As much as their mother complain about Abby Lee Miller being a tyrant, they continue to take their daughters back there week after week and put dancing in front of everything else, including schoolwork and their other non-dancing children. What kind of mothers let their 10-year-old daugthers do a burlesque routine with costumes that give them the illusion of being topless?

Answer: not good mothers.

Answer #2: Scratch not good mothers and let’s go as far as to say bad mothers. The episode made everyone who watched so uncomfortable that Lifetime pulled it down from the website and scrubbed away its existence from the Internet.

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    • Ashley

      Such a hard decision! But I think the Dance Moms are worse because they complain so much and storm out and promise to never come back…but always come back. I always get so excited that they’ve come to their senses..then they don’t. Like Holly, sigh.

    • Brittney

      I have to go with T&T…slutting a toddler up is inexcusable.

    • Faye

      OK. Dance moms is actually not degrading at ALL! maybe the moms can stop yelling a little but they NEVER yell at their kids. they dont force their kids to do anything that they dont want to do. And also, the girls have raw TALENT, and work so hard to get to the level of dance that their at. On the other hand, in toddlers and tiaras, they put spray tans, and everything fake on their daughters. and if the daughters dont do what they’re told , they get punished. SO TODDLERS AND TIARAS IS VERY DEGRADING AND DANCE MOMS IS NOT.

    • NADIA

      i have to say i like dance moms is WAY better than toddlers and tiaras

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