Great News For Stalkers: You Can Now See Jennifer Lawrence’s Childhood Home AND Katniss Everdeen’s Childhood Home

Pack up your binoculars, your The Hunger Games trilogy and your crowbar, because you’re going on an unforgettable road trip to North Carolina and Kentucky to see where Jennifer Lawrence and Katniss Everdeen grew up. Yep, it’s a two-for-one road trip that will make you feel closer to Katniss and J.Law than you ever dreamed possible. If you’re lucky enough, Peeta and Gale will fight over you at some gas station pit stop along the way.

First stop: Henry River Mill Village

This abandoned mill town in North Carolina provided the perfect setting for District 12. See that little hovel right there, that’s the Everdeen home. That’s where Katniss and Prim slept with their hungry little bellies. Just think how many squirrel drumsticks were served in that very house.

Just know that your visit to the town won’t be very intimate. They’re currently being flooded with tourists who want to see where the movie was filmed.  A People article says that the town outside Charlotte is seeing more people interested in the town than ever. (No duh Tammy Hopkins.)

“I think tourism to the area will double and triple, based just on the inquiries we’re getting,” Tammy Hopkins of the Transylvania County Arts Council, told the Los Angeles Times. “People are calling my house, all the hotels are calling me, people are emailing [about the locations]. Just today, I got emails from people in St. Joseph, Mo., and Manhattan, asking if they filmed here.”

Now that you’ve seen where Katniss Everdeen’s home, let’s keep moving.

Second Stop: Louisville, Kentucky

You are looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s childhood home in Kentucky. Beautiful, isn’t it? Capitol-esque, but beautiful. Just stand and look at it for awhile, I’m sure her neighbors won’t mind. They probably sleep in the front yard anyways, just to trying to soak up some of her magical acting powers. She doesn’t live there anymore, but you can still pretend like she’ll walk out and see you staring and invite you in to play archery in her basement range. A girl can dream, can’t she?

(Photos: People/MTV)

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    • Suua P.

      Wow, Jennifer sure does have A Wonderful Life. She did a terrific performance as The Girl on Fire.

    • Jules

      Wow, what a lovely home!….well Lawrence kicked all sorts of ass as Katniss Everdeen and I really can’t wait for “Catching Fire”….marvelous actress.

    • KMD

      Wow, Jen’s fame is escalating quickly. She may not live there anymore, but stalking where she USED to live? Kind of creepy. “Fans” need to find the boundary between fantasy and reality, stat!

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    • David Manley Pippert

      That’s not her childhood home.