In Honor Of Mr. Feeny Joining Grey’s Anatomy, Here’s A Video Gallery Of His Best Boy Meets World Moments

Mr. Feeny Boy Meets World best moments last scene Feeny call EricReally, the only way we would watch seasoned actor William Daniels – best known as Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World – in his guest spot on Grey’s Anatomy is if Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and the rest of the characters could come to Seattle Grace with him. Sorry, but he’ll always be FEE-HEE-HEE-NEEY in our hearts.

To that end, we figured the best way to toast Daniels’ return to television was by recalling his most beloved role. If you somehow haven’t seen Boy Meets World (shame!), Mr. Feeny was the teacher and main mentor for Cory and co. Ridiculously, he taught them through middle school and high school, and even ended up at their college briefly. (And yet, we wouldn’t have had it any way.) He might seem grumpy and exasperated with the kids, but in truth he cares about them and is touched when they come to him for advice.

He even doesn’t mind when Cory’s silly older brother Eric uses the “Feeny Call” on him to get his attention.

A Feeny Education

Other TV teachers get in one line before the bell rings, or they try to molest their students like on Degrassi, or they simply don’t get what the kids are up to these days. In contrast, most episodes took place at school, and we watched Feeny actually impart knowledge on these rugrats and troublemakers. These scenes — there’s a sampling, above — provided extra texture to the show and made it actually, unlike One Tree Hill or 90210, feel like high school.

The Feeny Call

As chummy as we ever got with our teachers in high school, we always wished that we had the kind of relationship that Feeny and Eric do here: The affectionate, everchanging call and Feeny’s goodnatured response.

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