Audrina Patridge’s ‘Makeunder’ Somewhat Alleviates Her Infamous ‘Ceiling Eyes’

Audrina Patridge makeunder xoJane natural makeup Ceiling EyesAudrina Patridge‘s reality show Audrina got cancelled last fall and she doesn’t have many projects lined up, so it’s not surprising that she decided to participate in xoJane‘s “makeunder” series where they strip away the layers and layers of makeup that stars unnecessarily cover themselves in.

As attention-seeking as this seems for both sides, Audrina’s photos are as revelatory as Sammi Giancola‘s were: She looks less like an overly buffed reality star and more like a pretty LA girl.

Audrina told xoJane’s Cat Marnell that in many ways the experience was liberating:

“I was going in not really knowing what to expect. But I was super happy with the results. It was that whole ‘90’s grunge rocker look that I absolutely loved. Sometimes I don’t just go for it and I’m super-safe so it was nice to let loose and put things together and embrace it.”

But really, the more important thing is how we feel about the makeunder. The main detail that we noticed was that Audrina’s signature “ceiling eyes” — her tendency to be constantly looking up while having faux-sympathetic conversations and staged fights with her co-stars on The Hills – have been shifted back to an almost level gaze.

Could it be her self-admitted three-hour regimen (with over thirty products) that somehow screws up her eyes? There’s really not much that could be done when she was on reality TV, though a Fark commenter noticed that at least one publication has Photoshopped Audrina’s eyes into a normal place.

Audrina Patridge Ceiling Eyes photoshopped makeunder xoJane

Maybe she has some sort of allergic reaction to the colored eyeshadows and black eyeliner that she uses to, in her words, “make my eyes pop more.” Maybe what we call Ceiling Eyes is her irises rolling away from toxic makeup. Because she apparently has naturally dark and thick eyelashes, so what you see in the makeunder pic is her without any help in the eye department.

And notice how her eyes have come back almost to center. There’s still a hint of her eyes drifting upwards, but no one’s perfect.

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    • Jenny

      I like Audrina’s glammed up celebrity style more. It’s the style and glamour we expect from a celebrity. She is a naturally beautiful woman and looks lovely “madeunder”. However the short frizzy hair look is not good especially when she has such gorgeous long hair that looks so much better when its long and down.

    • Paula

      Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge’s makeunder looked good. But the short frizzy hair and hair piled on top of her head? Not so much. Audrina is blessed with long, full, gorgeous hair, she looks best with her hair long, down, and cascading on her chest. The piled or shortened look changes the shape of her face to a rounded, almost pudgy look. She has beautiful skin and looks fine made under but the piled up or shortened frizzy hair does not look good at all.

    • FrankieT

      Audrina fixed/lost weight/changed make up, whatever, her eye “look” was fixed before she started Dancing With The Stars. She could have had her eyes done at the same time she did the drastic reduction procedure that removed her curves and cleavage. That was sad she looked so much better shapely. Flattened, sagging, no cleavage Audrina not good. Now another sad move. She destroys her trademark, long, incredible hair for a website “make under?” Leaving her with frizzy, unattractive short hair? Dumb move!

    • Rachel

      Ah, Ceiling Eyes – what an interesting affliction

    • Bash Prompt

      That’s one photo. That doesn’t even fall into the grounds of anecdotal. Writing an article on one pic is retarded, for all we know the photographer asked her to look at the ground for that shot and it’s the only one where she’s not desperately seeking ceiling cat.

      Besides, I think her more notable feature is her fucking Frankenstein titties. Although the rest of her body is pretty decent, and she sure does like to flaunt it. However, at the end of the day, I still concur with the majority of the worlds sane population and think everyone on The Hills, and every fan thereof, needs to die of bowel cancer. Immediately.

      • nataliecrush

        I love how I started reading this comment thinking you were going after me for making fun of Audrina’s eyes… then you said “Frankenstein titties” and I giggled.