Taylor Swift’s ACM Date Was Forced To Cancel But Still Has Reason To Be Excited

Tonight was suppose to be an unforgettable night for Kevin McGuire, the teenager suffering from cancer who Taylor Swift invited to go to the ACM awards with her after she couldn’t attend his prom. Unfortunately for Kevin he was too sick to head out to Las Vegas for the awards. While I’m sure missing the ceremony is a huge disappointment, Kevin should take heart that after Taylor tweeted about his situation he should have a ton of Swift fans hoping for his quick recovery, and even more exciting, Taylor has promised to “make it up to him.”

I’m not sure what could make up for missing a date with a pop star to a gala event, but whatever it is Taylor has the resources and the drive to make it happen. Maybe fresh off her Lorax gig she can commission the creation of a Truffula tree forest and invite him for a picnic? Or, probably simpler, she can just invite him to the MTV Movie Awards. I wish Kevin a speedy recovery, and hope the thought of Taylor’s promised consolation is enough to cheer him up a little as he recovers.

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