Meet The Idiot Nerd Girl Meme: She’s Such A ‘Nerd’

I think we all know an idiot nerd girl. You know, the girl who wears big glasses, talks about what a nerd she is and then squirms awkwardly when actually speaking to real nerds. Mostly because they realize her glasses are for looks and not for vision correction and therefore she looks a little ridiculous.

Well, there are enough of these idiot nerd girls out there to merit a meme! Check out our favorites below.

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    • Mandy

      I get the feeling that this is a passive agressive dig at someone you know.
      Also, doesn’t the joke have to go a little viral before it’s considered a “meme”?

    • Cee

      Wow, this is very catty. I agree with the previous poster, you probably had someone in mind when you wrote this. Your ex’s new girlfriend, perhaps? When i first saw fake nerd girls I would get upset, but you know what, I admire their attempt to get into another person’s likes. A little misplaced, but the attempt is genuine. What I don’t like is a girl who cosplays Princess Leia and shoves ten hot dogs in her mouth…hello Olivia Munn. The girls that gain geek worship by showing up with a bikini and saying “meme…zelda…marvel…anime…game of thrones” are the ones that really ruin it because it turns geek guys into weirdos that expect their gfs to look like that and it makes them inappropriately grabby at conventions.

      Anyways, your mini rant reminds me of an article I encountered on Kotaku which should learn you a bit and hopefully open your mind cuz only girls and hipsters engage in this sort of “i discovered it before you and know more about it than you” shit

    • Abena

      This meme has been around for quite a while. It is likely that the compiler of this list found all of these already made out there in cyberspace.

    • Stake

      author of this subtitle is fucking dick