I Want: Harry the Pygmy Hippo

You know what’s better than Prince Harry and probably even less attainable? Harry the Pygmy Hippo, the teeny-tiny hippo named after Prince Harry because as a quote in People says, “he shows true grit and is passionate about Africa.”

Harry, my new favorite obsession, was born last week, and weighed only 11 pounds. That’s big for a human baby and absolutely precious for a hippo baby. Sadly, his mother rejected him and he has to be taken care of by the staff at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. Well it’s techincially sad, except not really for all the human caretakers who now get to play with him every single day.

Can you read my jealously in between the lines. I mean, just look at him. He’s 1000x times better than a puppy because he’s a baby hippo. I would have so much fun putting him in my bag and toting him around NYC. We would be the talk of the town and we’d be sure to make every exclusive list there is to make. Who could turn down Harry?

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