If Ryan Phillippe Wasn’t Channeling Kevin Federline, He Would Be Such A Hot Dad

I have a soft spot for Ryan Philippe. My crush on him came right after my crush on Freddie Prince Jr. ended and stayed strong through throughout middle school. Mostly because I watched Cruel Intentions at every middle school sleepover. Yes, in retrospect it’s a horrible movie, but at the time I thought it was an epic love story that exposed the upper class for what it really was — coke addicted high schoolers who dressed in either all black or all white. I fantasized about being one of Ryan Phillippe’s conquest goals and I fantasized about it while “Bitter Sweet Symphony” blasted in my bedroom.

And because I believed so much in that movie and Ryan Philippe I naturally believed the story about him and Reese Witherspoon meeting on set and falling in love. When I found out years later that was false, I burnt my Cruel Intentions VHS and vowed to never believe anything I heard about Hollywood romances ever again.  But I still had a soft spot for their children Ava and Deacon.

That’s why I was so excited to see these photos of Ryan and Ava lunching together in in L.A. Nothing like some father-daughter bonding time. Except when that father-daughter bonding time involves Ryan Phililippe looking like he got dressed in Kevin Federline‘s closet.

Really, a tank top at lunch? I know he doesn’t act a lot anymore, but I’m sure he could afford sleeves. Especially since sleeves usually come with free dignity and respect for yourself.

Ugh, Ryan. As much as I want to file you under hot dads, I can’t. Not until you learn to wear appropriate shirts in public.

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    • Me.Phillippe

      He dresses as he wants and goes as he pleases. Since when is there to be well dressed for lunch? He is very fond of sleeveless shirts, if he is comfortable is what matters. I love Ryan, I don’t mind the clothes him wear it.