Someone Should Tell Michelle Duggar You Can’t Just Make Up Facts

The hardest part of listening to Michelle Duggar saying absolutely crazy and inane things during interviews, is that she sounds so rational and levelheaded when she’s speaking. She’s perfected the slightly condescending interview voice where she flips questions around, makes you feel “awful silly” and then ends the conversation so pleasantly that you’re just waiting for her to reach through the screen and offer you a cookie for good behavior.

Her voice is the equivalent of a beautiful love song that describes violent S&M sex. At first you’re like this is so sweet and lovely, let’s turn it up so everyone can listen. Then you actually listen and you’re like oh my god, where did the whip and a third guy come from!?

And that’s the basic tone of her interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network where she explains to a reporter that overpopulation simply isn’t a problem. In fact, she says, “‘Well, first off, the idea of overpopulation is not accurate because really the entire population of the world, if they were stretched shoulder to shoulder, could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville.”

Which is simply not true. Not true at all. I believe her whole family could fit within the city limits of Jacksonville, without even standing shoulder to shoulder. But 7 billion people, highly unlikely.

Then she goes on to make up more facts about overpopulation and says there can never be too many children on this planet, because children bring joy. Except she forgot the part where they don’t bring joy because they’re born into a destitute family without the means to feed them or provide them with necessities like clean water. What she probably meant was her children bring joy to TLC producers, because nothing says ratings (and payday) like Michelle Duggar being pregnant again.

Watch the whole calm-yet-insane interview below:

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    • deb

      I think the Duggar’s believe everything they say. Scary – Overpopulation should be a concern. Yes some countries do not have enough children, but most countries have too many children.

    • Stix

      Whoever wrote this has no idea how to use a calculator or google for that matter… The area of Jacksonville, Fl is roughly 885 square miles, if you figure 2 cubic feet per person ( not comfortable for the average American male but do-able) and 7.036 billion people (wiki) then you CAN fit the worlds population in Jacksonville. Maybe if the writer payed attention in school instead of listening to lib propaganda she would know that! Haha

      • Megan

        Yes because 2 cubic feet is enough for people to survive. If we had enough people in this world for EVERY person to have only 2 cubic feet, nobody would even be able to lie down. How would anybody drive or build houses or even have a family dinner, if we only got 2 cubic feet per person? Ignorant ass.

      • Annie

        What about the obese people…they take up more than 2 cubic feet and especially in America, we have a ton of them

      • MITStudent

        Fyi, CUBIC feet is a unit of volume, and has nothing to do with area.

      • John Cody Edgar

        Try again. Michelle was refferring to Jacksonville, Arkansas – a city with an area of 26.5mi². Given your estimate of 2ft² (I’m using square feet, because cubic feet is a unit of volume, not area) the area of Jacksonville, AK only has room for 369,388,800 people, or 5.249% of the world population.

        Besides, your 2ft² doesn’t even factor in the amount of land required to actually survive. Assuming .125 acres per person (and that’s really pushing it) Jacksonville, AK; with an area of 26.5mi², could sustain a population of no higher than 135,679. At a population density that high, you’d be looking at living conditions comparable to the former Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong.

        Overpopulation is a real thing, and a real threat. If you can’t see that, you’ve got serious issues.

      • Lala

        You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    • Anna

      This woman is crazy and delusional and most people in that state sound and act the same way she does…please stop this woman for continuing spewing this craziness! Overpopulation is a REAL concern and should be taken seriously…

    • Kuuipo

      Why is she even talking about stupid sh** like this? She wouldn’t be caught dead in Jax, lol maybe she would who knows but saying her kids are going to be paying for peoples Social Security is a load of crap. They don’t even let the kids off the compound much less work. She’s living in some weird fantasy world.

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    • lise

      over population isn’t about elbow room. its about not having enough food and resources for the number of people on the planet. millions…yes millions of child die of starvation every year on this planet. they just would like a glass of clean water…their not looking for elbow room.

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