Internet Pals, Shady Coaches, And Cult Leaders: Degrassi‘s 7 Most Guilty-Pleasure Predatory Characters


Degrassi LoveQueen16 Connor online predator Realm of Doom

Degrassi decided, when they hit season 10, that it had been enough time for the new crop of viewers to forget Emma’s disastrous online relationship, and they introduced LoveQueen16. Because of his Asperger’s, Connor can’t grasp how dangerous it is, even in 2010, for him to be talking to a stranger who’s obviously an adult. Even if they do play the RPG Realm of Doom together and she flatters him by saying, “You must have so many friends.” (The same thing Adams said to Darcy!)

You know, I think I missed the conclusion to this storyline the first time around, because I don’t remember things getting as real as they do: Even after Wesley and Dave drag Connor away from LoveQueen16 the first time around, she entices Connor into seeing her again. Then she suggests they go back to her apartment to get more “intimate”… he thinks she means to play the Realm of Doom expansion pack, but she has other plans in mind. Connor finally comes to his senses when she puts her hand on his leg all creepily, calls her a freak, and hops out of her car. Plus, he uses his photographic memory to recall her license plate and report her for the sex offenders registry. Oh snap!

KC’s Molester Basketball Coach

Degrassi Coach Carson creeper KC porn

Wait, no, maybe this is my favorite Degrassi moment? Out of all the ones on the list, it’s the one that most came out of the blue. When we meet KC, he has so much shit going on in his life with his jailbird dad, drug addict mom, and foster-care nightmares that when Coach Carson takes a special interest in him, we’re just happy to see KC on the right track.

But not when that “right track” involves his mentor getting him alone in hotel rooms, plying him with beer, and ordering porn for them to watch. (“You like blondes, right?” is such a creepy line in this scene, which you can watch on YouTube.) Oh, and then the next day he hires KC a prostitute to help him get his first tiem over with—just so long as Coach gets to watch! Shudder. With plotlines like this, how can you trust any adult on Degrassi?

Clare’s Pot-Growing Cult

OK, so they were more pot dealers than an actual cult. It’s not as if the seeming free spirit Summer brought Clare onto the set of Martha Marcy May Marlene and Summer’s boyfriend Cash was all, “Clare? You look more like a Caroline” the way cult leader Patrick does to Elizabeth Olsen. However, you have to admit that it was supremely creepy how they pressured Clare into dropping her iPhone into an aquarium so that no one would be able to contact her.

I’m actually really bummed that Degrassi wrapped up this plotline in two episodes; seeing as Clare’s wrestled with her identity before, I would’ve liked to see her get caught up as part of the cult for a while before Jake brings her to her senses. Ah well… In half a season, we’ll undoubtedly have another creepy predatory character!

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