Internet Pals, Shady Coaches, And Cult Leaders: Degrassi‘s 7 Most Guilty-Pleasure Predatory Characters


Perhaps my favorite moment in Degrassi history. In season 6, squeaky-clean religious cheerleader Darcy Edwards decides that she wants to ditch the nice act and at least play around at being naughty. At Peter’s urging and because they need money for Spirit Squad uniforms, she and Manny take provocative photos and post them to the “MyRoom” website.

Manny is uncomfortable with getting money for the photos, so Darcy and Peter continue doing it in secret. It’s actually Peter who first gets in touch with the user known only as Adams, but soon Adams comes out of the woodwork and tracks Darcy down. In an breathtakingly dramatic episode, he follows Darcy and tiny Clare home from school and tries to come inside. I couldn’t find video of that specific scene, but I did discover this amazing remix that covers the same ground. Enjoy!

Darcy’s Faceless Rapist

Poor Darcy just cannot catch a break. Bravo to Degrassi for not making the two rape plotlines the same: Whereas Paige’s was more obviously date-rape since she at least knew who Dean was, Darcy gets roofied at a party and led into a room. When she wakes up naked in bed with boyfriend Peter, she thinks he forced her into having sex. Soon everyone at Degrassi finds out, and Darcy has to hand over her abstinence ring.

But when rumors of a roofie rapist start going around and Darcy discovers she has chlamydia, she has to face the truth that she was drugged and taken advantage of. From there, Darcy nosedives into smoking pot, slitting her wrists, trying to jump off the roof, and accusing Mr. Simpson of sexually harassing her. It’s one of the biggest character turnarounds I can remember, but Darcy makes it through when she finally reaches closure and goes to Kenya (a.k.a. actress Shenae Grimes got a role in the 90210 pilot). Saint Darcy once again. And no, we never meet the rapist.

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