Spring Beauty Hookup: How To Beautify Yourself This Spring

Pack away your gloves and scarves, because spring’s officially here! While the warm weather means eating outside, wearing cute dresses and drinking ice coffee, it also means updating your beauty regimen for the warm weather. Your body is going from being completely covered to completely revealed (well not completely, we’re not those kind of girls here at Crushable) and you need to be ready for everything.

Especially spontaneous warm weather Facebook photo shoots. Because the only thing better than enjoying the warm weather is uploading photos to Facebook showing everyone how much you’re enjoying the nice weather. Girl’s gotta show off her new spring look, right?

So we’re going to help you get paparazzi-ready this spring with these simple tips on getting your beauty regimen in shape for the new season. They’re fun, they’re easy and they’re all DIY.

1. Keep your toes pretty with pedicures

Make sure that when you’re slipping on sandals, your toes are polished and pretty.  This spring’s all about the pastels so make sure to pick up a few options next time you’re out shopping for polish as well as a good base coat and top coat. If you’re feeling more adventurous (and your feet are feeling a little dry), grab a foot scrub as well so you can keep your heels looking as fresh as your nails.

2. Style your hair with the rain in mind

Although spring means flowers and sunshine, it also means rain and humidity. Keep your hair looking picture perfect by working with the weather and not against it. For most of us that means ditching the straightener and embracing the curl and waves. The key to giving your curls that bounce is choosing the right styling product for your hair type. So test a few out until you find the brand that works best for you.

3. Choose make-up built for humidity

Nothing takes away from your fresh spring look more than mascara dripping down your face. So make sure to keep everything in place by using the right primer before you apply your make-up. Another way of avoiding that drip? Just like you’re wearing less clothes now, you should also be wearing less make-up. Keep it fresh and simple by only applying the basics during the day. You can always touch-up right before you head to a new destination.

4. Stay sweat-free by preparing for sweat

Sweating in the nice weather’s inevitable. So be ready for it by carrying around miniature deodorant and baby wipes with you in your purse. While it might not be the most glamorous thing to throw in your bag, you’ll be thankful when you can dip into a bathroom and freshen up quickly.

Skintimate Signature Scents5. Keep your legs smooth with Skintimate Shave Gel

Now that your jeans are all away for the summer, it’s time to focus on your legs and it’s time to start shaving with Skintimate shave gel. Nothing will make you more ready for everything than smooth silky legs that feel good to the touch. So ditch your shave-once-a-week winter routine and grab that razor on a daily basis. Nothing says spring like soft-to-the-touch legs.

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(Photo: Lovelyish)

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