The TV Show My Crazy Obsession Really Emphasized The Crazy This Week

Here’s a fun morning riddle inspired by the season finale of My Crazy Obsession on TLC : how many capybaras does one have to sleep with to be considered crazy? The answer? One. Just sleeping with one capybara is all it takes to be considered crazy.

What’s a capybara? So glad you asked because I already googled it for you. They’re the world’s largest rodent and usually range between 75-150 pounds. Imagine the hamster you made your mom buy you in 2nd grade. Now multiply that by 5000. That’s a capybara.

Melanie Typaldos lives with her 100-pound capybara Gary. As you might have guessed from the show’s title, she’s obsessed with Gary.  The Huffington Post says:

Melanie admitted to being obsessed with Gary, spending upwards of 80% of her time with the animal. And she wanted to get even closer to him, bringing in an animal medium so she could communicate more directly with him. Her plan to bring Gary even closer to her was to start sharing her bed with him. Apparently, the plan worked as the episode, and the season, closed with Gary and Melanie sitting side by side on her bed, getting ready to watch some television.

Yes Gary and Melanie watch TV together. While I’m sure they squabble over what to watch (you just know Gary secretly loves Whitney), they probably enjoy the quality time together. Which is crazy, because Gary is an 100-pound rodent and Melanie is not.

You know what’s also crazy? Gary has his own blog where he wrote all about starring on the show. (Sometimes I’m like I should be paid more, than other times, I’m like I should just be happy I have job because capybaras will work more hours for less money.) On being a star, Gary says:

Being such an important star is a difficult job. Exhausting really, for both me and Super Capy. Super Capy and several of his clones had to stand in a pyramid for a long time. I am glad I did not have to stand in a pyramid of other capybaras. I don’t like to think what might have happened. Good thing Super Capy is more easy going than I am.

I have to say that, while the camera loves me, I feel it is not going to kind to Melly or Sheldon or even Coral. But that is okay. It is not about them, it is about me. Only I don’t have a crazy obsession. Come to think of it, neither does Melly. It is not crazy to be obsessed with capybaras. To know us is to be obsessed with us. You can quote me on that.

Yes Gary, you’re right about one thing. The camera does love you! If I wasn’t already dating my guinea pig, I would be all over that. I mean just look at you there, sleeping with Super Capy. So touching!

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    • Alex

      Ew. All I have to say is ew. That’s so no okay.