Taylor Swift Is So Perfect That Suzanne Collins Wrote Her This Charming Hunger Games Autograph

Taylor Swift The Hunger Games autograph Suzanne CollinsTaylor Swift is one of those people who leads such a charmed life — an example of working hard and getting results — that you have to feel a mix of admiration, excitement to live vicariously through her, and bitter envy. That ambivalence comes to play when we learned that Taylor, of course, received an awesome autograph from The Hunger Games author Suzanne CollinsHunger Games Fandom picked up this photo that Taylor posted to her Facebook page, with the caption This just came in the mail and an inordinate amount of exclamation points. It’s really a very sweet move, as Taylor performed probably the most mainstream song from The Hunger Games‘ soundtrack, “Safe & Sound.” An especially sweet touch is the branch doodle that Collins included… could those be some nightlock berries?

Suzanne Collins autograph Taylor Swift Hunger Games book perfect

We want to get personalized autographs from Suzanne Collins! Maybe if we come up with a great song for Catching Fire

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