Leven Rambin’s Rep Makes Sure We Know She Wasn’t Cheating On Her Fiance When She Didn’t Hook Up With Alexander Ludwig

Leven Rambin reps deny dating Alexander Ludwig video kiss showmance A few days ago, we found this video of The Hunger Games co-stars Leven Rambin and Alexander Ludwig sharing a pretty unplatonic kiss, plus some snuggling, outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It seemed clear that there was something going on between the two, especially when Leven noticed the cameras and got an “oh shit” expression on her face. However, her reps have now come forward to deny that she and Alexander are the next Hollywood showmance.

“They are not dating, they are friends,” the rep said. What’s interesting is that he also takes pains to point out that Leven was not engaged when the video was shot. “Leven and Geoff [Clark] were engaged in December 2010 and they broke off the engagement in November 2011,” he explains. “The video is from January 19 of this year.” (Nothing from Alexander’s people, and no word from his Twitter account, either.)

E! Online spoke to an on-set source who corroborated the denial, saying the two were “just party pals.” The insider added, “They hang out a lot and definitely go out together. Dayo [Okeniyi, a.k.a. Thresh] hangs with them a lot as well. They’re young and famous. They both like to go out and definitely enjoy having a good time.”

The one thing we were right about when we first reported on this story was that Leven and Alex’s on-screen characters definitely had some sort of twisted romance going. Leven told Celebuzz that director Gary Ross encouraged her and Alexander to think up a romantic backstory for their characters, who go from competitors to cautious allies (and get killed before they have time to turn on each other). She said,

“There is a little bit of sexual seduction going on, which is a surprise for the fans. Gary was like ‘Lets just spice things up a little bit.’ So me and Xander were like, ‘Alright!’  And I definitely didn’t have a problem with that!”

That’s why you see Glimmer and Cato snuggled in their sleep before Katniss unleashes the deadly tracker jacker attack on them. We’re not sure we actually believe Leven’s people, but it does make sense that she and Alex were already very touchy-feely from filming.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

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