Jennifer Lawrence’s House At The End Of The Street Trailer Smartly Amps Up The Terror By Moving Backwards

Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street trailer #HATES

So far, I’ve been really impressed with the promotion for House at the End of the Street, the horror thriller that Jennifer Lawrence shot before The Hunger Games but which is being released only now. Relativity Media released the first photo immediately following Hunger Games‘ release, when everyone was talking about whether Jennifer was too fat to play Katniss Everdeen (ridiculous) or unlikeable enough.

Personally, Jennifer Lawrence would be draw enough for me to watch this movie, fantastic as she was in the dark indie comedy The Beaver. But for any doubters, the editors of the trailer have done a smart thing: It’s in reverse. It starts with the above screenshot of Jennifer’s character Elissa hiding from someone, then cycles backwards through her getting kidnapped by a shadowy figure, her burgeoning romance with murder survivor Max Thieriot, and a look at the carnage his murderous little sister committed years earlier.

This was a savvy move since Relativity has already released the synopsis: Little girl murders family except for brother, a few years later girl and her mother move into the house next door, girl uncovers mystery. To reveal any more would ruin the movie, so giving us this nontraditional trailer keeps the material fresh til the September 21 release date.

Plus, the movie’s Twitter hashtag is #HATES. Genius!

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