Rihanna Tries To Steal Katniss Everdeen’s Thunder With A ‘Girl On Fire’-Esque Shirt

Rihanna flame shirt girl on fire The Hunger Games Katniss EverdeenWhen it comes to The Hunger Games‘ record-breaking release, there are no coincidences. The first Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 teaser trailer obviously went online to capitalize on the dystopian film’s success. And now Rihanna just happens to go out on the town in London wearing a T-shirt with flames? We’re not fooled.

Obviously I’m kidding here, but it’s not completely unfounded. The orange flames against the black background, though the most common color combination, also match the breathtaking Hunger Games motion posters we’ve seen for the past few months. And moreso than real celebrities, everyone’s talking about the fictional heroine Katniss Everdeen. Need we remind you that her nickname is “The Girl on Fire”?

Rihanna also seems to have taken to heart that Katniss represents the underdog residents of District 12; according to The Sun, she’s eschewed limos and such in London in favor of taking the tube (subway).

You can assign yourself much worse role models than Katniss. Although many fans do argue that she’s mentally ill by the end of the series, she wouldn’t get back in the recording studio with her abusive ex. She’s got more self-respect than that, and better things to do with her time.

Katniss Everdeen girl on fire dress lookalikes

Fuck yeah, Katniss.

Photo: Splash News

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    • Dani

      Actually Rihanna used the “Tube” when in London WAY before this movie. I doubt she was thinking about Katniss 2-3 months ago.