Crushable Exclusive: Listen To British Pop Star Roxanne Emery Debut In America (Plus An Interview)

After climbing the charts in the UK, the British pop singing sensation Roxanne Emery‘s officially coming to America to debut her new album “Turn Back” — and she’s kicking off her tour right here on Crushable.

When her management team contacted me last month about introducing her to American audiences, I hesitated. We get emails everyday from musicians who want us to feature them and it’s easy to grow skeptical about actual talent. However after listening to her songs, I knew that I definitely wanted to share her music with our readers. Especially after learning that she kicked off her professional career as an investment banker before becoming a full-time musician.

While you might not know the name Roxanne Emery yet, you probably know her music. Her music’s been featured on MTV shows like Awkward and the Real World  and her video for “Late” became the number one most favorited song in the UK. Her debut album “An Introduction to Roxanne Emery” entered the iTunes Pop Chart in the Top 50 after it was released last June.

If you’re not already impressed with Roxanne, wait until you read the interview and check out her new song (featured after the interview) appearing only on

With no further ado, meet Roxanne Emery.

Crushable: How did you go from investment banking to singing professionally?

Roxanne: I’d been working at the bank for 3 years, learning guitar and writing on the side. Then I started gigging in the evenings. It was so tiring! I was working 6am-6pm in the office, running home to change (playing guitar in a suit is not a good look!) and then going to a gig, I often wouldn’t be home until the early hours as would be meeting other singers and booking more gigs. I ran myself into the ground but it paid off, a manager spotted me at one of these gigs and I was offered the opportunity to do music full-time. It meant leaving a stable and great career behind, but music was in my soul so it was an easy decision.

 Are there any lessons you learned while investment banking that cross over to singing?

So many! The music industry is a business at the end of the day and you need to be prepared for it. I’m very lucky to have experience of a highly-commercial environment. The most important lesson is the hard work ethic… The harder you work, the ‘luckier’ you get.

When did you know that “made” it as a successful singer?

It was a pretty amazing moment when I was watching the season finale of MTV’s Awkward and I heard my song ‘All That I Am’… I kept rewinding it because I couldn’t quite believe it!

What makes you different than other female performers out there now?

I’m not trying to be cool (this would never happen anyway, haha!) or something I’m not. I also started songwriting a bit later in life than most singers, so my songs are about the real struggles and blessings of an adult life.

Who are your biggest role models in the industry?

I’m a big fan of Ingrid Michaelson, I love her music. She has also done it all on her own record label which is remarkable! I thinks she’s a really positive role model to young girls which is so important and also seems so lovely and down to earth. Ok, fangirl moment over! I also really look up to my brother, Gareth Emery. He’s a big DJ and producer and has been in music for 10 years, he always has amazing advice and support for me. He’s the ultimate professional and works so hard.

Do you and your brother work together, does he play your songs when he’s dj-ing?

We have worked together a few times. I’ve written a few songs for him and even sung a song on his debut album which went to no.1 on the US Dance iTunes chart! We have another collaboration planned for this year which I can’t wait for. I write the songs on the guitar then he makes it cool with all the beats. I’m so lucky to have someone so talented and inspiring to work with.

Out of all your songs, which one is your favorite? Why?

It’s a song called LATE, I wrote it about my Mum who sadly passed away 5 years ago. It stands for ‘Linda Angela Teresa Emery’ which was her name. Writing it helped me deal with a lot of the emotions I went through losing a parent. I have only recently started singing it live as I couldn’t get through it without crying  before! But now I am performing it I am so happy, not only is it a dedication to her, but so many beautiful people come and speak to me after hearing it and can really relate to it and say it has helped them too. The ultimate compliment in music is when you can touch someone through your songs.

What advice do you have for aspiring performers?

Practise your instrument, perform live, get your work on the internet, use criticism for growth, be honest, understand your goals, never give up.

As, we ask everyone this question: who is your biggest celebrity crush?

Bradley Cooper. I would literally spread him on my morning bagel. Can I say that?


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