Did ABC Leak DWTS Contestant William Levy’s Modeling Pics On Purpose?

Scandal alert! Or is it? Some recently surfaced photos of Dancing With The Stars contestant William Levy show him modeling some rather revealing underwear (or is it clubwear?), including an ill-advised pair of mesh undies. But something tells me this bit of “controversy” might be entirely manufactured for ratings purposes.

Taken in 2007, the photos show what we all knew already: William Levy is a good looking man who takes care of his body. I especially like this image, presumably made by N2N, the underwear company he was modeling for:

Sweet, right?

While it’s certainly possible that someone else “leaked” the photos, I wouldn’t be too surprised if ABC took advantage of their existence to revive flagging ratings. These photos are perfect because they’re sexy enough to get attention, but not so naked as to get him booted from the family-friendly show. Last season they had Nancy Grace‘s nipple and Chaz Bono‘s fight against transphobia; maybe this season, they’ll have William Levy’s hard, hard body and ample, ample package.

(Via RumorFix)


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