Everything I Know About The New Real Housewife Of Beverly Hills Diana Roque Ellis, I Learned From Her Open Facebook Profile

As you might have read in your Real Housewives Weekly Digest, Camille Grammer’s not returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While everyone has their own theory as to why she’s opting out of season three, it’s most likely that she wanted to spend time with her children and take a more active caretaking role in the lives. Oh and you should know, “spend time with her children and take a more active caretaking role in their lives” is code for a face-lift-boob-job-thigh-liposuction-combo in Beverly Hills.

So now rumors are swirling that Bravo’s courting Diana Roque Ellis to replace her on the show. She’s apparently close friends with Adrienne Maloof and is enough a part of the scene that she attended Kyle Richard‘s white party last year. Who is Diane Roque Elils and why does she have three names? Let’s investigate.

According to Radar, the 53-year-old artist was “married to William H. Ellis, the owner of Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company — the second largest privately owned candy manufacturer — who passed away in 2000 at the age of 76.” Math skills tell me that this means she was around 41 when he died at 76. Not enough years to scream “golddigger!” at the top of your lungs, but certainly enough to mutter it under your breath.

While she was busy courting an elderly millionaire, she completely missed the memo on Facebook’s privacy settings. That’s how I know she has 1559 friends, studied fine art at San Francisco State University and likes the following things:

It’s also how I know she’s 99% confirmed to join the housewives next season. Thank you Facebook comments in an album called “Fun Shoot.”

Oh and this is neat. She loves sitting near exquisite chess boards! This makes sense because her about me says: “It is imperitive that I am surrounded by peace and beauty in my life and I will endeavor extensively to acheive that end.”

Also, her friends  are very kind because they think this is a very pretty pose!

And last but not least she’s liked fellow housewife Taylor Armstrong since 2010. That’s loyalty.

We look forward to learning more about Diana in the upcoming season. If you can’t wait until then, she’s also active on Myspace!

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    • alexia beavenhauser

      The pictured chessboard would be even more exquisite if the pieces were properly placed. White square is always on the bottom right of each side.

    • Gina

      She looks very new money, should be lots of drama!

    • Stella

      She looks like she belongs with the rest of them-open Facebook or not.

    • bellis

      I am tired of seeing Diana advertised “as a widow”. She and Mr. Ellis divorced long before he died. She is not a widow she is a divorcee. There is a difference!