We’re Itching To Play This Larger-Than-Life Game Of Angry Birds On The Seattle Space Needle

Angry Birds larger than life Seattle Space Needle promotionI’d like to think that now that I’ve hit the wizened age of 23 I’d have a fair amount of impulse control. Then I saw this photo of a 300-foot tall Angry Birds slingshot attached to the Seattle Space Needle (height: 605 feet), and I have been reduced to a child. I want nothing more than to snap this slingshot and hit the EMP Museum building, under which a pig is undoubtedly hiding.

It’s all a promotion for the latest incarnation of Rovio‘s addictive game, Angry Birds Space. There were also cupcakes. (So unfair!) What’s ironic is that last year the Space Needle spokesperson announced that they would not be flying a rainbow flag for the annual pride celebration… and yet they were OK with covering nearly half of the Needle with a giant red bird.

Not surprising, of course, since it’s fabulous advertising. Hey Rovio, how’s about you bring a slingshot with those cute little blue birds over to the Chrysler Building?!

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