One Women Didn’t Keep Her Desire To Have Jon Hamm’s Baby To Herself

The urge to run up to Jon Hamm and yell, “I want to have your babies,” isn’t that uncommon, but apparently before he found fame a friend of Jon’s took it to the next level and actually asked him to father her child. Awkward.

Jon doesn’t give many details about how that conversation played out, only the end result. He turned her down, meaning there are no little Hamms running around (or seeing as he started acting in film in 2000, pre-teens that will soon be ready to play live-action Disney princes). He explained he didn’t turn her down because of any aversion to sperm donation; he refused mostly because he was broke, didn’t have a job and knew he’d want to help out financially with his offspring saying, “I would feel so responsible, even though they said, ‘Don’t worry, no strings attached.’”

It’s nice that he’d feel that sense of responsibility, but I can’t help but notice he’s got a steady income now; maybe this is a good time for any of his other lady friends to hit him up for some genetic material?

This little anecdote seems to come from the same place as the recent New York Times interview with Jon’s girlfriend of fifteen years Jennifer Westfeldt: the media’s curiosity about the power couple’s lack of babies.

While the decision to start a family is completely their own, sperm donation does seem like Jon’s civic duty if he doesn’t want kids; he can’t let all that attractiveness die with him.

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