Spelling And Grammar Lessons With Team Breezy

The first lesson you learn as a professional blogger is never to take comments personally. Don’t let the compliments go to your head and don’t let the insults go to your heart. So when Team Breezy repeatedly told me they I hope I die in every one of the articles I wrote about Chris Brown recently, I didn’t get upset and cry.

However when they told me to die using exceptionally creative grammar and spelling, I started to grow concerned. Team Breezy has a big job — defending their idol Chris Brown from all the unforgiving assholes on the Internet — and they just won’t be able to accomplish it until they learn how to form a sentence.

As everyone knows, forming a sentence is the first step to forming an argument. So with no further ado, let’s begin with some of the wonderful comments on my most recent Christ Brown post called “Nicki Minaj Will Regret Teaming Up With Chris Brown.”

Lesson #1

Before pressing “comment” make sure to check your spelling. While words like “article” can be tricky, they’re key to sounding like you actually read the article and understood the points. Also don’t forget to read your comment aloud before you save it, sometimes run-on sentences can sneak in and make you sound incoherent.

Lesson #2

Take the time to spell out you. It will help when you fight back against my comment that you’re semi-literate. Also apostrophes are your friend. Feel free to see them whenever you use a contraction like ya’ll and can’t and hasn’t. Last but not least, never use numbers in a word. It’s always someone, never sum1.

Lesson #3

When attacking someone for being retarded, make sure to use the correct form of the word. “The writer is retard” hurts the point you’re trying to get across.

Lesson #4

Remember that the person referred to in a blog post often isn’t reading the post. However if you start your comment referring to them, try to make it clear when you’re directing your comment back to the writer.  Otherwise it might sound like you’re calling Nicki a crazy ass.

Lesson #5

Make sure not to fall into the common then vs. than trap. This should read “still going to be making more money than you.” Also capital letters at the beginning of sentences are your friends!

Last but not least,  know that the majority of articles you’ll read on a blog are one-sided and biased. The conversation usually begins in the commenting section.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about basic grammar and spelling. I promise that these lessons will help you be the best commenter you can be.

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    • Nia

      TeamBreezy makes you relevant! Haha keep using us, we love to do our charity work.

    • 100% Amazing

      You are indirectly dissing your society; Teambreezy is a fraction of the world population with many representatives from various background and societies in it so correcting their grammar is correcting the world’s grammar and you’d have a lot of work to do.

      if it matters to you that much, here are some more grammar correct! please point out the punctuation, underline the idioms as well as figures of speech below.

      Teambreezy is the best fan base in the entire world!

      its consist of people from all works of life, adults and children, male and female, articulate and in a hurry etc

      they single handedly defeated the media, the racists antagonists, the unforgiving feminists, the opportunistic colleagues, the hypocrites and ignoramuses alike.

      You need to respect those guys, they are truly amazing…who cares how they achieved this greatness

      although I know this isn’t really about team breezy, its just a way for you to rake in a few more hits and we are generous so we’d give you that attention you are clearly begging for.

      • alma

        walks of life………..

      • 100% Amazing

        @alma: well done! you spotted one! i am surprised thats all you saw! go on, there is more to correct in it perhaps you can be our editor when we tell you to “fu*k yourself

    • laura

      Look yourself into a mirror before analyzing Chris flaws and get a better job. We can imagine your life how sad and lonely you’re it’s not our fault but we keep praying for you. Team Breezy stands for love, forgiveness and more importantly stan for the greatness Mr Christopher Maurice Brown and anything you say behind your computer would NOT change what we believe. STAY MAD BITCHES

    • montee

      lol, thanks 4 using my comment 2 supposedly try 2 prove a point. bt umm, u dont need 2 teach me anythang cuz i kno how 2 write by if u dont kno, its called slang and not only team breezy use bt everyone else on the word, i guess we (team breezy) hit a nerve huh? u cant try 2 attack us about sumthin everyone in the world does so get ova urself. and i dont need u 2 teach me anythang, thats wat i got my college professor 2 do.

      • donna

        College, really? I find that hard to believe.

      • montee

        yes college, is that a problem 4 u. u can believe wat u want 2 believe cuz u or ur opinion does not matter. jus bcuz i write in slang or watever, i also kno how 2 write properly. im not dumb or illiterate as yall wanna say team breezy is bt trust we’re not. im 22 years old and i dont have to write lyke im proper or wateva, im not in class.

      • Rose

        “im 22 years old and i dont have to write lyke im proper or wateva, im not in class.” Yes, the only time you have to write “proper” is when you’re in class…good thinking. This whole thing is just a very sad reflection on our society and more importantly our generation. You may act like you don’t care what anyone else thinks, but sweetheart that’s just not how the world works and you know it. Actually in life all you have is what people think of you, and to ignore that is just ignorant and you won’t go far. So what kind of image are you giving off? This has nothing to do with Chris Brown, but the way in which people see you. Just as you were so quick to pass judgement on the writer of this article, don’t act shocked when you in turn are judged…and it’s not all positive. Just remember that this is the image you are giving for the world to see, and now your writing is immortalized on a webpage… so in 10 years you can go back and think to yourself “god i was an idiot back then”.

      • montee

        first off, no i dont care what people say about me cuz people are gonna talk regardless; so its not a act that im putting on its a fact. and so because i ignore what people say about me, im ignorant???? i know that in life thats all you have is what someone thinks of you especially when it comes down to trying to do something in your life. people dont define how far you’ll go in life, YOU define how far you’ll go in life and if you let people’s comments about you define how far you can go into the world, than thats your problem not mine. its people like you that always trying to put people down and its people like me that can show you better than i can tell you about what im gonna do with my life. if people wanna judge me because of the way i write than what does that say about them. this is a blog, not a essay or test, so im gonna write how ever i want because i know what im capable of doing and where im capable of going, how bout you??? ya’ll act like its a sin for us to write in slang instead of properly 24/7, cause the last time i checked it wasnt. and i dont think i passed judgement on the writer bt only talked about the article, so no im not shocked that people judge me. the only reason why the writer chose to do this is to humiliate us because they all ready feel like we’re dumb, stupid, illiterate or whatever else you wanna use so judge all you want. and im pretty sure years from now i wont look back on things like this and call myself an idiot but i guess the whole world would call themselves that years from now, reminiscing on their younger days.

    • keely

      seriously?? you know what, the only reason all your spelling and grammar is so “perfect” is because you have got editors who read over your work! and another thing fix your website its full of viruses. why do you have the right to attack team breezy? we have never done anything to you! we dont even know you! your just some low life who has to make people hate other people just to feel liked. what a sad life you have!

    • Ronzy

      Let me just start by saying that not only am I a proud member of Team Breezy since 2005, but I also rarely write or say anything with syntax mistakes.
      What makes this more interesting is that English is not even my first language. How about that? :)
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I say that daily. If you do not like Chris, then that’s perfectly okay! However, as a blogger, news reporter or performing any job of that nature, you must always write an unbiased article. Sadly, this is not the case with you, since you seem to always place your own judgements an opinions in your articles.. It is not just you who does that, most journalists out there do the same thing; but just because the majority does it, doesn’t mean that it is right.
      As for this article, I can not tell you how rude it is of you to actually write an article for the sole purpose of making fun of others’ grammar and sentence formulation errors. What do you know about these people? What if they never had a proper education? Or they have learning disabilities? Even if they simply just have bad grammar, that does not give you the right to mock them and make fun of them.

      • Jo

        Sorry, who said bloggers had to be unbiased in their articles? Who said any writer ‘has’ to be one thing or another? It’s quite clear that the majority of pieces on this side are opinion pieces, they’re not intended merely as a presentation of the facts.

        And I think this article is perfectly entitled to mock people for their illiteracy, considering the vast majority of the comments referred to claim the original author is ‘retarded’ or somehow stupid. Would you really not retaliate if someone called you retarded for your personal opinion, when they’re not even intelligent enough to actually write their opinion coherently, regardless of the content?

    • Tori

      Clearly the writer is just as obsessed with Chris as we, Team Breezy, are. #1 rule, no press is bad press. Keep all the attention coming honey, WE LOVE IT!! #Breezy4Life!! Chris Is laughing all the way to the bank!!

      • E-Money

        Exactly – CHRIS BROWN is laughing all the way to the bank. What about the members of “Team Breezy”? Just laughing…or getting laughed at.

    • E-Money

      How dumb are all these “Team Breezy” commenters? Here they are fighting online battles for Chris Brown who doesn’t give a $#%@ about any of them. What dummies.

      • Tori

        That’s fine that you are laughing at us! Because whether or not you realize, you are clearly paying as much attention to Chris as we are. So we’re laughing too.
        But I must say, I am a fan of Chris Browns but I do not support the way some of his fans try to “defend” him. It is down right repulsive to leave vulgar, ignorant, comments and death threats. I’m not one of them. I want Chris Brown to be succesful and I fully stand by it.

      • Mary

        Exactly. Attacking someone does not make your point stronger. It just detracts whatever argument you’re trying to make.

      • montee

        umm not all of team breezy take it that far, bt how do u kno that he doesnt care about his fans? i mean being apart of team breezy i can say he cares a great lot about us and show us every day almost. yall jus mad bcuz we the best. dont criticize some bcuz of a few.

      • Jess

        Hmm… Let’s tidy up your comment a tad, eh?
        “Umm, not all of Team Breezy take it that far, but how do you know that he doesn’t care about his fans? I mean, being a part of Team Breezy, I can say he cares a great [deal] about us and shows us almost every day. Y’all [are] just mad, because we [are] the best. Don’t criticise some because of a few.”